Creative management. Unlimited ads on limited resources.

New audiences. More personalization. Additional products. Despite this, too often, marketers have to settle for the same static banner ad creative across their campaign. The nature of digital means it can change on the fly. With programmatic creative management, you easily create all the variants you’ll ever need, but more importantly, you can do it at the speed to keep up with demand.

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A quarter century of digital transformation

Digital advertising is turning 25, and we're celebrating with a look back – and a look to the future.

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To avoid a bottleneck, use more than one bottle.

The days of one and done are over. With digital advertising, keeping your customer engaged is the highest priority and that can happen only with a thoughtfully sequenced, and possibly ever-changing, string of relevant ads. That could be ads that change based on customer behavior, geography, demographics, retargeting, position in the customer journey, and more.

Programmatic creative management uses automated ad creation for both prospecting and retargeting customers. When used in a prospecting campaign, the aim is to increase relevance of a message to attract users. While for retargeting, the goal is to drive conversion and focus on increasing order values or frequency of visits. To the relief of your design team, they won’t be performing the tedious task of creating thousands of variants to suit every campaign objective.

Designers will work in tools they know — like Adobe Creative Cloud products — and create custom templates that ensure everything stays on brand. And the marketing teams have full control over campaign strategy, including offers, headlines, call-to-actions, and images. This dynamic collaboration gives businesses the creative scale and velocity they need to get and stay ahead in today’s market. | Adobe can help

Adobe can help.

Adobe Advertising Creative uniquely brings together designers and marketing professionals in a self-serve, intuitive interface. The direct integration with our creative apps enhances collaboration between your ad production and media teams, enabling you to automatically create thousands of ads at scale. You can target, sequence, iterate, and optimize personalized ad experiences for you audience. And if you ever need help, we have creative specialists available to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Advertising Creative can work with other media buying properties, but it is also part of Adobe Advertising DSP, the industry’s first end-to-end, independent platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats. Only Advertising is built to keep your brand safe, while improving transparency and leveraging the full breadth of data and creative capabilities from Adobe. With greater control of your global advertising spend, you’ll be in the best position to achieve your business objectives.

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