Feed-driven creative

Automatically build thousands of digital ads that vary in real-time for product-based retargeting, creative personalization, audience segmentation, and customer journey. All of which can be optimized with a feed-based algorithm using multivariate testing.


Marketers and designers unite.

The content requests keep piling on. New ads for new devices, New audience segments. New offers. New tests. You need ad creative that is personalized and caters to the unique experiences of your customers. As more data insights stream in, you want new content that can address it, but that puts serious pressure on your design team. As designers struggle to keep up, you end up launching generic campaigns, and, in the end, no one is happy — including your customers.

With our feed-based creative feature, you work with your designers to automate ad production by using a template that is populated with variable details specific to your customers. And with our multivariate testing tools, you’ll know which are the best-performing creative to put in front of your customers.


See what makes it work.

Feed-based messaging
Customize ad offers and creative based on information from robust data feeds for more effective product-based retargeting.

Test and retarget
The feed-based algorithm uses multivariate testing to deliver the best-performing creative. Test up to five variable attributes with 64 values each.

Creative flexibility
Automate creative production that delivers performance and efficiency, with the power to deliver thousands of ad variations in real-time.

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Enter endless creative possibilities.

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