Adobe Experience Platform Launch Features

Businesses rely on a vast ecosystem of complex and interdependent technologies to deliver a single customer experience. Today, more than ever, businesses need to unify these technologies — as well as the data that passes through them — to deliver compelling experiences. And Adobe Experience Platform Launch makes this possible.

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Web. Mobile. OTT. Support it all with Adobe Experience Platform Launch.

Go beyond simply turning tools on and off to unifying functionality and data. Integrations with Launch by Adobe are built on a common platform, which means they’re designed to work together from the very beginning. Plus, they’re built by a community of partners, which lets you benefit from the collective innovation of many companies — not just one. For the first time, you have a web and mobile infrastructure available to you that’s flexible, open, and powerful enough to accommodate new functionality, automate processes, and unify disparate data.

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Mobile App Support
With Adobe Experience Platform Launch SDK, you can capture and send native mobile app data to Adobe and to third parties.
OTT Support
Capture and send app data from devices like Apple TV, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox with Adobe Experience Platform Launch SDK.
Web Support
Collect, manage, and distribute data from web pages, including single-page application experiences or Ajax-heavy pages or sites.
One Interface
Deploy technologies and manage your data collection and distribution on web, mobile, and OTT from one user interface.
Single SDK
Take advantage of added capabilities to Adobe Experience Platform Launch SDK from third parties, so you only have to manage one SDK for your apps.


Asynchronous Loading
Fire tags independently so no tags slow down your web pages.
Data Elements
Select data from your website, mobile app, or OTT app and make it accessible to Adobe and to third parties.
Fast Performance
Quickly manage tags with our lightweight container tag that’s nearly half the size of the next leading tag manager.
Host Anywhere
Host Launch by Adobe using a content delivery network, FTP delivery, or through self-hosting capabilities.
Integrated Stack
Launch by Adobe is built on a common platform, which means you can spend time on growing your business — not integrating it.
Open Architecture
Trust in a community — not a company. Because Launch by Adobe lets a robust community of developers add new functionality, innovation is fast and frequent.
Single-page App Support
Capture data in single-page apps so you can better understand and respond to customers.
Tag Sequencing
Define which rules and related tags should fire before or after others so everything works as you intend them to.
Accelerate all actions you take in the user interface by using APIs.

Powerful automation made easier.

Trying to manage client-side deployments of all the technologies in your marketing stack can be difficult. It’s labor intensive and fraught with mobile platform–specific challenges. Fortunately for you, Launch by Adobe was built with an API-first design, which allows for scripting to automate technology deployments, publishing workflows, data collection and sharing, and more. So the time-consuming tasks of the past like web tag management or mobile SDK configuration take less time — giving you maximum control and automation.



Easy to use. Easier to learn

In a world of complicated technology, Adobe Experience Platform Launch is here to make learning tech straightforward. Launch by Adobe was designed from the beginning to be easy to master and simple to understand, featuring a clean user interface that helps you deploy technologies faster, so you can spend your time on other tasks.

Customer-centric Design
With Launch by Adobe, you can focus more on the customer experience, not just tags.
Endless Environments
Each team member can have their own private workspace to make changes and publish without affecting others.
Experience League
Get to know our new enablement program, complete with guided learning to help you get the most out of Launch by Adobe.
Intuitive Interface
Launch by Adobe underwent rigorous usability reviews with our customers, helping ensure that it’s as customer-friendly as possible.
Launch Command
Be confident in your work by testing locally before publishing to production.
Neatly organize data elements, rules, and extensions in one package, so you can easily manage what makes it to production.
Pro-level Publishing
Enjoy fast and safe publishing with Launch by Adobe, whether you have a globally dispersed team or a one-person operation.
Search that Works
Easily search for rules, data elements, and integrations.
Version History
Never wonder who did what when, and easily roll back changes whenever you need.


Use over 40 pre-built events like form submissions, clicks, page views, and history change to deliver great experiences..
Extension Catalog
Use over 30 pre-built options like new visitor, traffic source, date range, or sampling to finetune the experience.
With over 50 pre-built actions, you can send data to Adobe Analytics, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and many other destinations. You can also initiate surveys, activate videos on the fly, or enrich the customer experience in many other ways.
Custom Components
Create custom events, conditions, exceptions, and data elements to fit your unique use case.

Bring your tech together to create smart experiences.

Because Launch by Adobe is a rule-based system, you can easily integrate the data and functionality of marketing and ad tech to unify disparate products into a single solution. These rules look for user interaction and associated data, and when the criteria in your rules are met, they trigger any number of actions that you tell it to. Plus, you can count on the partner community to add new actions, conditions, and events, so you get a constant flow of innovation and new features.



Simple integrations. Better experiences.

Innovation should be at the heart of good tag management. And with Launch by Adobe, that’s possible. Integrations available in Adobe Experience Platform Launch, called Extensions, allow technology providers to add new functionality. This in turn lets users like you define and capture customer data and orchestrate how each technology should contribute to the customer experience across web, mobile, and other digital experiences. So you can unify marketing technologies and deliver better cross-technology experiences.

Extensions are sturdy integrations built by technology experts, and they let you deploy technologies and route data.
Extension Catalog
Browse, configure, and deploy Extensions built and maintained by third-party experts.
Private Extensions
Agencies or brands can neatly package custom code or apps so only certain companies can see and use them.

Accounts and User Roles

Multi-account Support
Multi-brand companies and agencies can easily manage separate accounts in one interface.
Multi-user Support
Bring your entire team onto Launch by Adobe with no restriction on the number of users.
Enterprise Identity Support
Plug into your existing identity management framework using Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, or Federated ID.
Enterprise Publishing
Define and manage every step of the publishing process to fit into your business.
User Rights Management
Meticulously define groups with specified rights, and bulk-add users to those groups.

Thousands of accounts. One simple solution.

Tag management is important for any business, whether that’s a global enterprise or a single-team startup. And managing access to tag management should be easy. Launch by Adobe makes that dream a reality, letting you assign proper rights to the right people so everyone can work efficiently. And whether you’re an agency needing to support multiple accounts tied to different brands or you’re an enterprise company needing to separate accounts by groups and access levels, Launch by Adobe makes the experience easy for you.