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Adobe GenStudio Features: In Development


Assets and experiences generated in GenStudio are activation-ready for seamless delivery through Adobe Experience Cloud and third-party applications.

Cross-channel activation

GenStudio is natively integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud delivery products like Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Journey Optimizer, Journey Optimizer - B2B Edition, Marketo Engage, and Target. Native integration with Experience Cloud means campaigns can be launched faster than ever.

An example of GenStudio managing cross-channel activation for a "jungle astronaut" image across Adobe Sites, Journey Optimizer, and Target products.
A graphic showing how GenStudio can direct deployment and activate assets for marketing content across channels.

Direct deployment

Export content formatted for third-party applications like X, Instagram, Facebook, Google, and more.

Campaign and metadata

Assets and experiences generated in GenStudio have campaign and AI-generated metadata associated with them that enables seamless delivery and activation through Adobe Experience Cloud products. This provides a simple, streamlined path to measure campaign and creative performance.

A graphic showing the various campaign metadata attributes that can be automated and reutilized across the product platform.