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Adobe GenStudio Features: In Development


GenStudio gives marketers real-time insights and embedded tools to generate high performing content variations, make adjustments, and repurpose content for additional channels.

Attribute-level insights

AI enables marketers to break down both the content and the experience into granular features — such as color, image background, emotion, aesthetic, keywords, and more. This provides deeper insights into what is and isn’t resonating with customers across campaigns. The single workspace of GenStudio makes it easy to act on these insights and make micro-adjustments for optimization.

Content and experience attribute-level insights
Asset-level insights graphs and charts

Asset-level insights

Marketers can get usage and performance insights at the asset level to understand the images within an experience that resonate with customers. If something is performing well, marketers can instantly create variations to use in other channels or experiences. If something’s not performing, marketers can adjust it on the spot. They no longer have to go back to their creative teams or spend time searching for new assets. It’s all done in GenStudio. Marketers can even group different variants of the same asset for insights into group performance.

Real-time insights

GenStudio is tied into streaming data, giving teams in-depth reports with up-to-date data. This lets marketers quickly optimize the content within their campaigns.

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