Commerce personalization with Adobe. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

Your customers are unique. And your shopping experiences should be too. With Adobe Commerce, personalization is easy thanks to powerful AI and out-of-the-box features. | watch

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Generic experiences are conversion killers.

Customers are short on time and can only consume so much content at once. In a world where fine-tuned experiences are considered the standard, generic commerce journeys can leave them feeling frustrated. Not offering personalization affects your customer and will eventually affect your growth.

It’s imperative for both B2B and B2C businesses to personalize every moment in the shopping journey to drive conversions. Many can’t deliver this type of personalization due to aging technology, siloed data, or a partial view of the customer. Some don’t even know where to start.

Adobe Commerce can help.

With intelligent, easy-to-use, and customizable tools, Commerce has everything you need to personalize each step of your customers’ buying journeys. And since 69% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, it’s important to do so.* Use AI-powered features included in Commerce to activate your customer data and personalize product discovery, content, and promotions.

Adobe Commerce helps you personalize experiences to increase conversions 10 times and average order values 9 times† with features like:

Intelligent Category Merchandising
Optimize the order products appear on category pages to increase relevance for each shopper and boost conversion rates.

Intelligent re-ranking
Use AI-ranking algorithms to optimize the product order in search results for each customer.

Product Recommendations
Offer instant custom product recommendations based on shopper behavior, popularity, and more.

Segment-specific content and promotions
Create rules-based customer segments that trigger targeted content and promotions.

*”Embrace Meaningful Personalization to Maximize Growth,” Deloitte Digital, July 2022 †”Failure to Scale: The State of Personalization in Retail and Travel,” Incisiv and Adobe, July 2021

The stats speak for themselves. | Helen of Troy

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Conversion rate and average order value up by double digits.

Worldwide brands are growing with Adobe.

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Better together.

Only Adobe has integrations to personalize even more.

Take data out of silos, design personalized journeys, and analyze countless tests by adding Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including:

  • Adobe Real-Time CDP to deliver personalized site content and promotions in real time.
  • Adobe Target to optimize and test every part of your commerce experience.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer to design one-to-one personalized journeys across channels and devices.
  • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics to better understand your customers’ journeys with customized analytics.

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