Adobe Pass Account IQ

Measure, Manage and Monetize Credential Sharing

Identify and understand credential sharing activity, measure the impact of applying actions, and effectively monetize subscriber behavior.​

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Credential Sharing Industry Context and Solution

Credential Sharing Challenges

Credential Sharing has become Accepted, Common and Extensive

Credential sharing is at record levels and there is no end in sight. According to industry research, Illegal sharing of subscription streaming services is a $25 billion-a-year problem for US operators. A Feb 2022 study by Leichtman Research Group found that 29% of all D2C streaming video accounts are being shared with others outside the household. Younger viewers are more apt to share and less likely to consider sharing to be illicit.

Credential Sharing Challenges

Understanding and acting on Credential Sharing is challenging. Acting aggressively and indiscriminately on credential sharing risks offending compliant subscribers and is unlikely to convert the borrowers. Further, detecting actual credential sharing and fraud is difficult. Legitimate and illegitimate behavior can look similar especially when considering the activities of common groups such as large families, commuters, and frequent travelers.

Managing Credential Sharing Leveraging Machine Learning and Iterative Strategies

The Adobe approach is based on an iterative strategy which leverages our big data expertise and proprietary AI/ML enriched subscriber activity modeling to help service providers measure, manage and monetize credential sharing


Analyze & Understand

Use proprietary machine learning models to surface behavioral patterns ​and subscriber activity insights


Incremental Targeted Action

Leverage insights gained to create custom credential sharing segments and take targeted actions using Adobe or other preferred solutions 


Track & Measure Impact

Define operational processes to track and measure the impact of targeted actions over a subsequent period of weeks or months​ 



Favorable or unfavorable results on the custom segments may indicate the need to expand or adjust, eventually leading to optimal monetization​ over time

Managing Credential

Key Benefits

Key Benefits
Generate Incremental Revenue Opportunities

Generate Incremental Revenue Opportunities

Generate incremental revenue opportunities from casual sharers and excessive borrowers by promoting upgrade offers and enforcing strict controls

Improve End User Viewing Experience

Improve End User Viewing Experience

Make your systems easy to access by eliminating unnecessary security checks for legitimate subscribers, improving experience and creating a positive brand impact

 Develop Deeper Audience Understanding

Develop Deeper Audience Understanding

Develop a deeper understanding of your subscribers and their usage patterns for better targeting, personalized recommendations and managing churn

Features and Capabilities

Sophisticated ML Based Approach 

Trained with years of live data, our ML-based models derive critical elements not directly present in raw streaming data.

Account Profile Characterization​

Categorizing individual accounts into usage patterns contextualizes sharing activity into understandable group behavior.

Insightful Dashboards and Reports

Detailed reporting and Informative visualizations​ provide an understanding of the scope and impact of sharing tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Powerful Analytics and Tracking Tools

Granular analytical tools​ provide deeper visibility into user behavior and segmentation insights. Operation impact reports help visualize impact and effectiveness over an extended period.

Integrates with Adobe & 3rd Party Solutions​

Integrations enable customers to leverage their preferred tools to optimize actions on credential sharing and maximize business growth.




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