Video streaming

HLS file format for iOS, with adaptive bitrate support

Enjoy support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), the format for iOS, inside the Safari browser and within apps, including Adobe AIR® for iOS. HLS support includes adaptive bitrate for both live video and video on demand (VOD), and also supports content protection with Adobe Access software.

HDS file format for Flash Player, with adaptive bitrate support

Stream with HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) using the F4F format, based on industry-standard MPEG-4 and supported by Flash Player. F4F support includes adaptive bitrate for both live video and video on demand (VOD) and, also supports content protection with Adobe Access software.

Audio extraction for HTTP

Deliver an audio-only stream for mobile devices on wireless networks to prevent rebuffering and meet Apple App Store requirements for audio-only bitrate as part of a multibitrate set.

Robust media origin services

Control your media publishing workflows, add redundancy, control access and protection, manage QoS, access advanced video player features, and leverage cloud services by operating your own media origin for both Flash Player and iOS HTTP streaming.

Robust Media Origin

HTTP origin services

Stream your media to all devices from a high-performance, built-in HTTP server built on Apache.

Server redirection

Automatically provide video players with new or alternate locations if content is missing using built-in redirection in RTMP similar to HTTP 302 redirection.

Stream reconnection

Help ensure that the viewer experience is not affected when connections are disrupted by continuing to play back from the buffer while the player reestablishes the connection.

Application-level multicast

Reduce delivery costs and infrastructure for massive-scale live media delivery over internal and public networks using P2P technology built into Flash Player.* Robust Media Origin

Multicast fusion for Flash Player

Multicast in your network to increase the quality and security of your live enterprise video with source-specific multicast (SSM). Combine with P2P to increase reach and reduce infrastructure costs.*

Edge caching for RTMP

Maximize your network using RTMP caching to reduce the load on your origin server and improve the quality of service for your end users. Edge caching is an easy-to-use feature that expands the RTMP capacity of your server deployment.*

On-demand packaging for HTTP

Deliver video using HTTP for Adobe Flash® Player compatible and iOS devices without preparing the assets ahead of time. On-demand packaging makes publishing easier by requiring one set of video files to deliver to multiple devices with or without Flash Player installed.**

Robust Media Origin

Content protection

Token authentication

Control access to your content using server and player tokens. Adobe Media Server can process tokens against separate web services to grant or deny access.

Player binding with SWF file verification

Protect unauthorized video players from playing your video, saving bandwidth costs and protecting your monetization efforts. Use your SWF video player or a new SWF hashing tool to create unique encryption keys for RTMP, RTMFP, and HTTP delivery.

Protected HTTP streaming for Apple iOS

Expand your audience to include iOS devices with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Using the same media and live streams used for playback in Flash Player, you can deliver and protect full adaptive bitrate experiences to iOS devices as well as HTML5 browsers.*

Protected HTTP streaming for Flash Player

Protect and monetize your HD video with easy-to-use content protection built on Adobe Access software, with no additional DRM license servers. Add massive scale and robust protection to your media assets or live streams.*

Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (PHDS) for Flash Player

Protect your content streamed to desktop and devices using HTTP with reduced complexity thanks to real-time encryption, cacheable key delivery, and player binding.*

Adobe Access DRM Support

Dynamically segment and encrypt content with Access DRM policy for HLS on iOS. Apply sophisticated business rules and policies to support premium video experiences for live, linear, and on-demand video thanks to robust DRM support with Adobe Access.*

Player binding with SWF file verification

Protect unauthorized video players from playing your video, saving bandwidth costs and protecting your monetization efforts. Use your SWF video player or a new SWF hashing tool to create unique encryption keys for RTMP, RTMFP, and HTTP delivery.*

Access control lists

Control access to domains and IP addresses to protect your live or on-demand video streams or communications.*

Secure administration API

Securely access deep performance metrics, change configurations, and set alarms through customized interfaces supporting web services or within custom Flash Player interfaces, giving you advanced control and integration.*

Secure RTMP protocol

Enable secure video, audio, and data message transport to and from Flash Player compatible devices. The multiway RTMP protocol can be encrypted as well as tunneled over HTTP.*

Real-time encryption for multicast and P2P

Simplify the delivery and security of your live enterprise events and communication. With RTMPE, multicast and P2P streaming to Flash Player is always encrypted.*

Server management

64-bit performance

Maximize server resources with full 64-bit support that enables more memory cache, better network performance, less disruption, and faster stream starts.

Server logging

Get the tools you need to track and generate reports on content delivery, server performance, and access using W3C-compliant ASCII logs.

Network prioritization QoS

Increase QoS by taking advantage of differentiated services for RTMP. Administrators can prioritize RTMP network traffic, reducing disruption caused by other network activity.

Administration tools

Monitor the performance of your entire server cluster from a single interface, allowing you to manage the server and perform operations easily on servers, streams, sessions, and clients.

Advanced disk management for HTTP

Keep your video stream playing while managing your storage disks thanks to disk management for live HTTP streaming. You can safely deliver rich, live experiences with rolling DVR windows, time shifting, and instant replay.*

Multiprotocol manifest generator tools

Generate manifest files more easily and with fewer errors with new tools that eliminate the need to manually create F4M and M3u8 files for live and VOD delivery to a variety of devices.*

Extensible plug-in architecture

Use advanced access controls to extend the server for custom authentication, monitoring, and media location mapping required for robust deployment into your content delivery network.*

Programmable configuration

Thanks to a server-side programming architecture, develop custom streaming and communication services that integrate within your network, consume or control external services, create server-side playlists, or archive media to disk.*


Scalable P2P introduction services for Flash Player

Increase the capacity and fault tolerance of your social or enterprise video and voice apps with new server chaining technology that lets operators distribute peer introductions across multiple servers.*

Peer-assisted networking (P2P)

Develop multiplayer games; softphone, voice, and video chat apps; and other large data-driven applications securely within your business while significantly reducing costs through the RTMFP protocol.*

High-quality audio and video capture

Create new social and game apps with higher quality video and voice communication that can be used across multiple devices that support Flash Player or Adobe AIR, including Android, iOS, and most web browsers.*

Playback experience

HD video streaming

Deliver high-definition video up to 1080p, with bitrates from 700 Kbps up to and beyond 6Mbps, using either H264 or VP6 video codecs, or AAC and MP3 audio codecs.

Fast bitrate switching

Experience full adaptive bitrate streaming with fast, high-quality switching on desktop, iOS, and Android to avoid any stuttering or delays caused by CPU performance or bandwidth limitations.

Live streaming with DVR and time shifting

Spend more time with live video events and give the viewer control over your live stream with pause and seek backwards, instant replay, or play from start with robust server DVR support for RTMP, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, and HLS for iOS.