Actionable unified profiles

A single, unified view of your customer ensures every team member has consistent customer data to improve engagement and deliver the right experiences. With Real-Time CDP, profiles are updated with data from all sources and ready for real-time activation.


Experience Data Model (XDM)

Standardize how customer data is managed across teams, systems, and tools with an industry standard, open-source data model that can be leveraged with B2C and B2B data from any channel.

  • Open-source model. Analyze consumer behavior by tapping into an extensible channel-agnostic data model.
  • Interoperability. Apply a thorough understanding of data across all business units to increase consistency between applications.
  • Pre-built schemas. Power internal workflows using out-of-the-box B2B and B2C data schemas, or customize them to intake insights faster and fulfill your unique and complex enterprise data needs.

Identity service

Gain a comprehensive view of your customer, and their behavior, across devices and systems.

  • Identity collection. Ingest identity data, including standard IDs, and standard and custom namespaces.
  • Graphing. Use a deterministic algorithm to reconcile devices and logins across customer activity.
  • Visualization and validation. Map relationships between identities and validate identity stitching within a graphical user interface.


Real-time customer profiles

Establish a consistent customer view into a single unified profile from both online and offline sources. Profile data can be validated by building profile snapshots, metrics, and detailed views.

  • B2C, B2B, and hybrid profiles. Link B2C customer data and B2B account data within a single unified profile that spans audiences and lines of business.
  • Real time. Update profiles instantly as customers interact with your brand.
  • Validation and dashboarding. Validate and understand profile data through profile snapshots, metrics, and detailed views.
  • Differentiated data for use cases. Maintain separation between customer and prospect profiles for flexibility in supporting various marketing motions.

Data ingestion

Unify customer data with pre-built connectors, APIs, and SDKs for access to disparate data at speed and scale.

  • Real-time streaming and batch collection. Stream data in real time to and from Adobe and non-Adobe client- and server-side devices for faster insights, quicker time-to-market, and more timely responses to customer engagement.
  • Pre-built connections. Choose from dozens of ready-made data sources and destination connectors from our catalog or easily customize data intake and activation configurations to meet your data management needs.

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