Activation anywhere

Prebuilt B2B and B2C integrations to key marketing and advertising destinations and real-time data let you reach new audiences and strengthen existing relationships.

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Instant activation to destinations that really matter.

Adobe Real-Time CDP created a powerhouse for delivering both B2B and B2C experiences across channels. With our integrations, real-time data, and an orchestration canvas, you can create meaningful cross-channel experiences. Instantly reach consumers or accounts over marketing channels, such as email and web, or meet them in advertising spaces such as Google, Meta, and LinkedIn. Behaviors and events collected in real time power personalized campaigns — so you can meet your customer wherever they are anytime.

Fast, convenient audience activation

Prebuilt streaming destinations let you deliver instantaneous, meaningful customer experiences, including on-site and in-app personalization, in milliseconds.

One-to-one personalization

The instant activation feature paired with the up-to-the-moment account and consumer profiles of Real-Time CDP let teams design relevant, personalized experiences across channels.

Use retargeting, suppression, and prospecting techniques in paid media environments to engage current customers and expand your audience.

Behavior-informed experiences

Real-time activities, such as account activity or inactivity, conversion events, form fills, and opt-outs, trigger automatic responses and new campaign associations.

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