Audience activation

Drive engagement, loyalty, and business results with Adobe Real-Time CDP. Meet customers in real-time — on any device across their journey.



Activate campaigns, email, targeted advertising, and more with pre-built channel integrations. And use APIs to create custom destinations.

  • Person and account-based audiences. Deliver audiences based on person or account identities for flexible activation for B2C and/or B2B campaigns.
  • 75+ destinations. Choose from advertising, analytics, email, personalization, survey, and voice of the customer partners for easy access to where your consumers spend time.
  • Flexible destinations. Use SDKs to build destinations into bespoke or internal categories.
  • Marketer workflows. Use guided workflows to activate audiences to destinations and to understand how they’re being utilized across the enterprise.
  • Embedded controls. Enforce governance and make sure only appropriate data is leveraged for personalization by ecosystem partners.


Plan customer journeys on an easy-to-use canvas.

  • Signals beyond marketing. Improve customer experiences by using signals beyond marketing touchpoints.
  • Outcome-focused approach. Move customers toward conversion with in-moment actions based on defined conditions.


Real-Time CDP Connections.

Efficiently collect and use event-level data directly without needing third-party cookies or legacy integrations.

  • Data collection. Use Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network to scale data requests securely.
  • Event forwarding. Use server-side data event forwarding in real time.
  • Tag management. Simplify management of analytics, marketing, and advertising tags using our industry-leading tag management system to consolidate web, mobile, and server APIs.
  • Web and mobile SDKs. Collapse and compress all Adobe product libraries into a single development kit for web and mobile platforms.

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