Enterprise audience management

With enriched unified profiles and AI-powered insights and workflows, Adobe Real-Time CDP lets you build complete audiences, identify new ones, and leverage out-of-the-box tools to deliver more targeted, relevant campaigns.

Federated audience composition

Enrich audiences with profiles federated from partners to let marketers combine batch and real-time use cases.

  • Data integration. Boost flexibility and efficiency with ability to query relevant pre-built audiences and datasets from your enterprise data warehouse and partners into a single environment to augment Adobe Experience Platform use cases.
  • Enhanced marketing processes. Unlock additional support for segmentation, targeting, and activation use cases with streamlined, adaptable workflows.
  • Efficient data management. Minimize data copy, govern sensitive data usage, and optimize IT investments to complement real-time cross-channel use cases on Adobe Experience Platform.

Segmentation service

Intake existing audiences from other platforms to build new audiences and centrally manage them for your entire organization.

  • Intuitive UI. Use a searchable interface with drag-and-drop functionality to design segments using tags and folders for organization.
  • Existing audience uptake. Upload pre-defined audiences from other applications to use in Real-Time CDP.
  • Sophisticated logic. Leverage Boolean logic, aggregate functions, containers, scheduled dates, and merge policies to build segments across attributes, events, and existing audiences.
  • Audience refinement. Split, rank, curate, and more to further refine audiences and engage in audience testing.
  • Forecast and validate. Preview size, sample profiles, and evaluate segment logic through code view or via API.
https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-management/segmentation-service#segmentation | Segmentation Service


Dashboards and analytics

Surface key audience insights without relying on external systems.

  • Out-of-the-box metrics. Use built-in key metrics such as profile, audience size, and trends.
  • Extended analysis. Get enhanced analysis with natively integrated Adobe Customer Journey Analytics or your chosen analytics tool.

Use-case playbooks

Accelerate time to value by leveraging a catalog of pre-defined, marketer-friendly workflow templates that allow teams to quickly stand-up new campaigns.

  • Industry-specific playbooks. Browse a catalog of 40+ turnkey playbooks curated by industry for business-focused prioritization.
  • Auto-translated marketing goals. Use a customizable package of technical artifacts that can be integrated into an existing Experience Data Model.
  • Marketing and technical team collaboration. Facilitate use-case prioritization and align marketing strategy and IT teams to enterprise KPIs via in-product workflows.
https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-management/use-case-playbooks#use-case-playbooks | Use-case playbooks

https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-management/customer-ai#customer-ai | Customer AI

Customer AI

Generate custom propensity scores and get insights to deliver targeted campaigns — such as cross-sell, upsell, or churn prevention — tailored to specific segments, all using highly customizable configurations.

  • High accuracy propensity models. Improve segmentation and targeting at the individual level across any customer dataset.
  • Propensity insights. Get the top influential factors of a propensity score to explain the main drivers of your customers.
  • Custom configuration. Apply a tailored journey to meet unique scenarios for any business.

Look-alike audiences

Discover and activate high-value profiles that share similarities with an existing audience through algorithmic modeling.

  • Trusted delivery. Generate look-alike audiences responsibly with embedded data usage and consent policies.
  • AI insight discovery. Use AI to understand key characteristics of existing audiences to discover similar profiles and enhance personalization.
https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-management/look-alike-audiences#look-alike-audiences | Look-alike Audiences

https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-management/predictive-lead-account-scoring#predictive-lead-account-scoring | Predictive lead and account scoring

Predictive lead and account scoring

Grow more leads and advance accounts with advanced insights.

  • Propensity scores from unified data. Apply unified data and AI-powered propensity models to score your lead and account profiles based on their likelihood to progress through each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Score insights. View the contributing factors in the models and propensity groupings for low, medium, and high propensity. Analyze the expected success rate and profile count of each group to fit your personalization goals.

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