Cookieless marketing

Adapt your marketing to a world without third-party cookies and continue to reach prospects and customers across channels with data-rich audiences.

Find audiences with Adobe RTCDP Collaboration

Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration

Real-Time CDP Collaboration simplifies how marketers and publishers can find and discover valuable audiences without relying on third-party cookies. Enhance advertising efforts by reaching customers where they are, and measure advertising effectiveness with customer privacy at the core of your strategy.

  • Discover. Identify high-value audiences for campaign planning and discover where they can be reached across premium publishers.
  • Reach. Advertisers and publishers can work together to deliver campaigns that best target and reach audiences across multiple channels.
  • Measure. Understand how campaigns perform at an aggregate level, all while maintaining the highest level of customer privacy.

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Partner data support

With partner-sourced prospect profiles and partner IDs that don’t rely on third-party identifiers, you can reach new customers and enrich your first-party data without cookies.

  • Customer acquisition and addressability. Reach net new customers and reduce dependency on third-party cookies by using cookieless identifiers as well as hashed PII from data partners of your choice.
  • Full-funnel marketing in a single system. Prospect, personalize, and convert prospective and known customers in a single system.
  • Built on a foundation of trust. Market responsibly by governing partner data and profiles with patented data usage, labeling, access controls, and more.
https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/cookieless-marketing/partner-data-support#partner-data-support | Partner Data Support

https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/real-time-customer-data-platform/audience-activation/destinations#destinations | Destinations


Reach your target audiences at speed and scale by leveraging advertising-focused integrations without relying on stale and outdated third-party cookies. Channels include paid media and social media as well as Connected TV and audio.

  • Activation-ready person and account-based audiences. Deliver audiences based on person or account identities for flexible activation for B2C or B2B campaigns.
  • Pre-built destinations for B2C and B2B marketing. Choose from over 75 destinations including advertising, analytics, email, personalization, survey, and voice-of-the-customer partners to easily reach your audiences.
  • Profile orchestration canvas. Plan one-to-one multi-step, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver great customer experiences.

Segment match

Collaborate with partner brands and share first-party audiences in a secure, neutral environment that lets you enrich and expand audiences and reach more prospects.

  • Data enrichment. Build stronger audiences and deliver improved consumer experiences by using overlapped segment metadata on matched identifiers.
  • Data-driven prospecting. Power audience expansion based on first-party data from brand partnerships.
  • Strategic partner relationships. Maximize strategic relationships for improved reach and impact.

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