Data-driven marketing workflows

The reporting workflows of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform harness the power of data analysis and AI to let marketers create custom dashboards where they can continuously monitor campaign performance and customer interactions.

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Science-driven marketing without the data scientist.

Optimize strategies in real time with data science-driven marketing workflows that use advanced analytics and AI-powered insights to create highly effective personalized campaigns. Using these data-driven insights, they can optimize campaigns on the fly, adjusting their messaging, content, and distribution channels — all without tapping IT for support. The result is more effective campaigns, higher engagement, improved conversion, and increased customer satisfaction.

Intelligent workflows

Power your data science workflows and audience use cases with unified consumer and account profiles. Use these to create more complete, granular, and accurate segments.

In-context reports and metrics

Visualize consumer and account profiles, monitor data connections, and understand segments right from the start with out-of-the-box reports, charts, and dashboards.

AI-powered insights and propensity scoring

Let AI help identify profile-level propensity scores, insights, predictions, as well as B2B opportunities with predictive lead tools and account scoring.

Deployment and testing

Prepare, deploy and collect data using web and mobile software development kits (SDKs) and ad hoc querying with testing mechanisms in place.

Continuous optimization

Monitor campaign performance in real time and use insights to refine and iterate to ensure campaigns are effective and responsive to changing customer dynamics.

Data models

Build custom data models to power user-defined dashboards in Real-Time CDP or to embed in your preferred reporting framework using reporting APIs.

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