Data governance, security, and privacy

Market responsibly with strong data oversight, security, and privacy tools. Adobe data governance lets you build customer trust, manage data usage compliance at scale, and automate workflows.

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Manage customer preferences confidently by automating data governance.

The digital economy runs on customer data that requires careful handling — especially at scale. Your marketers and IT teams need tools that enable them to give their privacy and legal teams peace of mind. Real-Time CDP delivers patented data usage and labeling functionality to ensure customer data is collected and applied appropriately throughout the marketing lifecycle.

Manage data policies

Support data compliance with usage policies that outline allowable or restricted marketing actions within Real-Time CDP. Access controls enable administrators to manage capabilities based on attributes and roles.

Data governance foundation

Classify data with privacy considerations and contractual conditions using out-of-the-box labels. Apply custom labels for specific data governing needs and set use-case policies to identify appropriate data access or destinations.

Automate policy enforcement

Enforce usage policies automatically when activating audience segments for marketing use cases. View specific data lineage upon use and set source alerts before activating data across connected tools.

Personalize experiences with greater accuracy by honoring consumer preferences by channel and adhering to data subject rights as outlined by GDPR.

Manage the data lifecycle

Keep your data fresh by discontinuing data when it is no longer relevant, honoring data minimization standards.

Advanced privacy capabilities

Tap into additional tools for automated customer data lifecycle management, encryption control, and advanced consent policy management for organizations such as healthcare that need HIPAA readiness.

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