Fast, flexible data connections

Adobe Real-Time CDP lets you unify continuously streaming personal and company data — no matter the source.

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Connect the data — online and offline in real time.

Data connections in Real-Time CDP let you unify online and offline customer data with prebuilt connectors, APIs, SDKs, and server-side events which forwards data across systems and teams. Leveraging these data connections allows you to understand your consumers’ intentions, whether they are B2B, B2C, or both. This intelligence allows your brand to be showcased across omnichannels, keeping the spotlight in the right place at the right time for your consumers.

Streaming data collection

Create real-time profiles, get insights, and fast-track personalization by capturing customer data from multiple channels, systems, and devices.

Standardized data taxonomy

Integrate consumer, account, and hybrid data using a common, flexible language to ensure easy access across teams and systems.

Tag management

Tag manager helps to optimize tag development, reduce tag configuration errors, and allows you to modify and deploy tags on your site instantly from a web-based interface.

Simplified data management

Streamline implementation with a single code library and a single edge network so you can decrease code volume, implementation time, and cost of ownership.

Prebuilt B2C and B2B connectors

Integrate with a network of Adobe and non-Adobe partners and applications using prebuilt B2C and B2B connectors that speed up campaign setup and time to market.

Embedded data security

Our patented data governance framework ensures the control over data security and privacy. Get trusted data management to help you meet customer privacy preferences, regulations, and service level agreements.

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