Hourly remote consulting services

A flexible way to receive Adobe Workfront consulting.

Workfront offers you a flexible way to receive additional guidance after implementation through hourly remote consulting and configuration services. Sessions can be used to address small, ad hoc needs or larger strategic efforts.

How it works.

Remote consulting is sold in blocks of four hours and is typically delivered through one-hour sessions scheduled by you. This service provides access to a bookings page, where you can select time to meet with a Workfront Configuration Consultant. Once the appointment is made, a calendar invite is sent to both you and the consultant with a link to a virtual meeting. If offline configuration is required, this can be discussed during your consulting session. The consultant can then utilize your purchased hours to configure offline. Unused consulting hours expire a year after purchase.

Common uses of remote consulting.

Remote consulting can be used for a variety of different reasons. Most often consulting is used to assist in the configuration and implementation of Workfront best practices including:

  • System Setup
  • Workflow
  • Project and template development
  • Portfolio and program management
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Resource management
  • Request queues
  • Custom forms
  • Time tracking

Remote consulting does not include:

  • Native and custom integration configuration
  • API and Fusion development
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) configuration
  • SharePoint configuration

Scheduling a consulting session.

If you’d like to purchase remote consulting hours, please contact your account executive. If you’ve already purchased remote consulting hours, you can schedule a consulting session, through our bookings page here.