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Analysis Workspace is a tool in Adobe Analytics that helps you explore and visualize customer data to create personalized experiences at scale. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop interface, Analysis Workspace gives you in-depth analysis, detailed data visualizations, and much more.

No other analytics tool on the market offers features like Analysis Workspace.

  • Multidimensional site analysis
  • Unlimited real-time segmentation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Multiple reports on one screen
  • Reports for mobile segments
  • Anomaly detection

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Real-time insights

Get real-time reporting to help create and deliver personalized experiences customers are expecting in the moment.

100% customizable

Analyze any number of data tables, visualizations, and components to create breakdowns, segments, and more with a flexible, customizable UI.

Democratized data

Uncover data insights easier with intuitive, self-service tools including drag-and-drop functionality, right-click shortcuts, and sharing capabilities.

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Key Analytics concepts

A helpful glossary of all the terms and concepts you’ll run across.

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Analysis Workspace New User Guide

These videos will help you make the most of Analysis Workspace, the flexible Analytics interface that lets you customize reports.

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Analysis Workspace deep-dive

Get the ins and outs of this powerful drag-and-drop tool to easily build custom analyses.

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Analysis Workspace overview

Get your questions about Analysis Workspace capabilities answered in this brief video.

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