The 2021 Digital Trends Report predicts a post-pandemic future.

The lockdown of 2020 ushered in the most transformative period in marketing’s history. In the 2021 Digital Trends Report we interviewed over 13,000 seasoned professional to find out what changes they made in response to the pandemic lockdown and what they are planning for the coming year.

Your new customer

The pandemic lockdowns of 2020 drove businesses and consumers online at five to ten times the projected rate, and 92% of senior executives said the lockdown made digital transformation a priority. Learn how this shift has changed the dynamic between consumer and retailer and what B2B customers expect now.

Working together apart

Companies braced themselves for losses as pandemic lockdowns moved employees out of the office and into their homes. However, 70% of executive managers reported stable or improved productivity in 2020. Now, companies are focused on improving the remote and hybrid work environment and how they plan to do it.


The twists and turns of the pandemic required companies to innovate on the fly and collaborate in new ways. It’s not surprising to learn that those already prioritizing digital experiences and advanced collaboration outpaced those who hadn’t. Find out the top barriers to making great digital experiences and what experience leaders are doing to keep up with the quickly changing market.

Working with a focus on mindset

In 2020, businesses had no choice but to respond quickly to challenging conditions. After realizing the link between an engaged workforce and financial success, many companies are turning their attention inwards by investing in mindset. As a hybrid work situation emerges, mindset will become even more essential to prevent burnout and encourage home workers to draw healthy boundaries. 

More changes to look out for in 2021.

Empathy is the future of experience.
Customer empathy will be used as a differentiator with brands demonstrating knowledge of their customers and the unique ways they can serve them.

Brand purpose only matters if it matters. 
Brand purpose must be more than a slogan. Based on text analysis of more than 800 brand purpose statements, only 40% are authentic and customer-focused.

The acronym for 2021 is MOPS.
Marketing Operations (MOPS) provides a foundation for data, workflow, technology management and other moving parts of the modern marketing organization.

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