2022 Digital Trends — Media & Entertainment in Focus

Dive into 2022 Digital Trends - Media & Entertainment in Focus to discover how brands are accelerating content innovation and reimagining customer experiences in a digital-first world.

Digital Trends 2022 Retail in Focus.

With more options for entertainment experiences than ever before, winning over audiences requires a more personalized approach.

A wealth of choice has created fierce competition for audiences, fans, and subscribers among brands in media and entertainment. Insights from our annual Digital Trends survey illustrate how immersive digital experiences enhanced by integrated customer data are key to attracting and retaining audiences.

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Hear the very latest insights from media and entertainment brands:

Learn how improved connectivity and 5G will change the way entertainment is consumed both online and offline.

Why unified, omnichannel data is key to a more complete understanding of audiences and fans.

The importance of earning consumer trust in an era of data privacy and security concerns.

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