How Experience Manager Assets compares to competitors.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets isn’t the only digital asset management solution out there. But as the only cloud-native platform, it delivers the distinct advantages of scalability and customization needed in an enterprise DAM.

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Adobe Experience Manager Assets

Manage assets throughout their lifecycle
Their products aren’t integrated, so you’re forced to cobble several different products together to have an end-to-end asset management solution.
We have the only DAM on the market that supports every step of the asset lifecycle, from creation, to management, to delivery, to optimization.
Automate tasks through AI and machine learning
They all use or outsource to the same major AI vendors, which offer the same generic machine learning capabilities with limited intelligence for rich media delivery.
We have the most intelligent DAM available, which leverages our own Sensei AI technology and saves teams hours of tedious work with features like Smart Tagging and Smart Crop.
Get insights on asset performance
They force you to integrate with third-party analytics partners, which results in data residing with IT, inaccessible to the average marketer and DAM user.
We have the only solution that provides native connection with Adobe Analytics, making asset performance data available in the DAM for marketers to access and use.
Manage and deliver dynamic media
They force you to integrate with a content delivery network, which results in more silos, CDN fees, and yet another integration point to manage.
We have the only DAM that provides enterprise digital asset management and industry-leading Rich Media Delivery capabilities.
Connect seamlessly with the Creative Cloud
They all force you to integrate with the same vendors, resulting in little differentiation and more third-party integration points to set up and manage.
We offer native Creative Cloud connection, with a built-in panel that gives creatives a searchable view into the DAM directly from Creative Could Enterprise applications.
Do more with rich media delivery
Their products allow you to perform basic image manipulation and little to no video transcoding.
We have the most advanced rich media delivery solution, with features like interactivity, color management, sharpening, textures, patterns, text overlays, crop to path, and automation for image sets.
Maximize engagement with rich video capabilities
They support basic video encoding capabilities with no way to add interactivity or rich media elements.
We have the only solution with the video management capabilities needed to maximize engagement, such as adaptive streaming, responsive and customizable players, and the ability to create shoppable interactive content.
Orchestrate marketing campaigns
They lack a single source of truth for all work details.
With our deep Workfront integration, you can track and orchestrate assets across projects and campaigns from intake to delivery.
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