Data Ingestion

Incorporate online and offline data from brand interactions and exposures across touchpoints, including web and mobile properties, media exposure, CRM, call centers, point of sale records, IOT devices, set-top boxes, and more.

Assemble your data pieces to see the complete customer picture.

Your goals of achieving a complete view of your customer can, at times, seem daunting. You rely on traditional online data gathering, like when your customer clicks, scrolls, and purchases on websites and social media. But you also have offline documentation, such as point-of-sale records and CRM data to consider. When you can’t bring it together, it’s not possible to have a holistic view of your customer.

When using a DMP, you can easily aggregate and consolidate your data — from both online and offline interactions — in one place. The resulting 360-degree customer view allows you to create experiences that are more personalized because they are built on information from multiple moments from multiple sources between your brand and your customer.

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Bring data in from a CRM system or data lake into Audience Manager in real-time.

JavaScript data collection
Marketers using Audience Manager can instantly deploy data collection code anywhere, whether they are needed across an entire website or just on select pages. Now, marketers can spend less time managing pixels and more time finding valuable audience segments.

Mobile SDK
Audience Manager supports Android, iOS, and other SDKs that help you collect cross device-level data from mobile apps.

File onboarding
Map your existing offline records to digital IDs directly into Audience Manager, or use a match provider, for segmentation and targeting across devices and channels.

Learn more about data ingestion in Adobe Audience Manager.

Understand your data.

Learn about the types of data you can collect with Audience Manager in our Help section.

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Uncover the benefits of data management.

See why using a data management platform helps you deliver quality customer experiences in our Adobe blog.

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Get to know your customers.

Learn the four steps to gain a 360-degree view of each customer in our downloadable guide.

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Device Graphs

Bring device-level data into Adobe Audience Manager and use both deterministic and probabilistic device-linking methods. Build a graph using first-party data, logged-in data from Profile Link, or extend your reach with an external device graph.

Data privacy controls

Use built-in controls to prevent the activation of data in ways that may violate data privacy or user agreements. You control how data gets used and which data sources and destinations can be tied to personally identifiable information.

Data feeds

Download bulk data that includes user IDs, trait IDs, segment IDs, and other parameters for custom analysis or modeling that can be used in external systems or brought back into Audience Manager as segments.

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