Break through content roadblocks with marketing and IT velocity.

Meet your content demands for timely, engaging, and rich media delivery across all channels. Marketing and IT velocity lets marketers and IT work in parallel so both teams have greater control of their workflow and no team is a bottleneck.

Move your content out of the digital traffic jam.

Creating, managing, and delivering personalized, rich media for multiple channels can be a burden on marketing and IT teams — especially when teams have to work sequentially rather than in parallel. The result is often higher costs in time and resources, including rework when the wrong versions of assets are used by different groups.

Upgrade to a modern way of working. From websites and digital assets to dynamic media, forms, and communications, your marketing and IT teams can work in tandem to be more productive and effective. This is done by giving your marketing teams user-friendly interfaces and tools so that marketing can edit content while IT develops applications. Multi-site management and live copy also adds velocity to your content creation efforts by allowing global teams to work with centralized brand assets while still being able to work at the pace needed for specific initiatives.

You can also eliminate time-wasting efforts like searching for the right asset. With smart tags, which uses the power of AI and machine learning to automatically tag content, you can find the right assets quickly. Best of all, with automated content publishing and delivery of interactive, personalized experiences, you’ll be able to get to market faster and drive higher engagement and conversion. | Watch

Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager makes it possible to achieve more with less effort. Overburdened marketing and IT teams can work in parallel to get more content to more channels, faster. Drag-and-drop capabilities, access to style templates and core components, and seamless integration to our Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and InDesign make it possible for marketers to quickly make updates without waiting on IT.

But we don’t stop there. With assets stored in a centralized DAM system, you can create content and deliver it faster because finding the assets you need and updating them only takes a few minutes, not a few hours. This shortens your time to market, reduces creative production and storage costs, and increases revenue — all while your customers get more engaging, targeted, and timely digital experiences.

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“With Adobe Experience Manager we can get product content prepped and onto our site as much as 40% faster.”

Naveen Gunti, Senior Director of e-Commerce Technology and Operations for Tumi

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