Online proofing and approvals

Online proofing tools give stakeholders, creative teams, and project managers one easy place to review and approve work.

Get all your stakeholders on the same page.

Sending proofs to multiple stakeholders results in reviews made in silos, and often times, conflicting requests. This leaves marketer trying to figure out how to please everyone. It also means multiple revisions, duplicated work, and version control management issues.


Get everyone on the same page even if they’re not in the same room. Workfront online proofing solutions lets all your stakeholders review and comment directly in the same document where marketers and creative teams work. It’s one place to request feedback, see comments, and get notifications for pending and completed approvals –– all while maintaining an audit trail of comments and versions.


With online proofing, reviews and approvals become a streamlined conversation rather than a manual multi-step process. It shortens turn times, reduces duplicative work, and ensures final documents are accurate and uniform. So whether it’s the legal department checking compliance, the brand team reviewing for consistency, or the client commenting on a draft, everyone is on the same page. 

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Online proofing

See what makes it work.

Flexible proofing

Proof over 150 file types including, static files, audio, video, gifs, html5.


Compare mode

View versions side-by-side to compare updates and changes.


Mobile proofing

Make comments and approve work from anywhere.

Smart markup tools

Highlight text, measure pixels, or use shapes to indicate changes.


Ensure compliance

Document the history of all approvals and actions to ensure compliance.


One place for all reviews

Let all stakeholder review, comment, and approve in the same document where creative and marketing teams work.

Learn more about online proofing and approvals.

The definitive guide to online proofing.

Learn the key features and processes that will let you simplify the review and approval process so you can get to market faster and reduce costly rework. 



How to review proofs with Workfront proofing.

Dive into the details of reviewing, commenting, and marking up proofs with this step-by-step guide to online proofing in Workfront.

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