Create a more collaborative and secure Department of Defense.

With our cutting-edge digital solutions, defense agencies can meet the needs of military personnel, their families, and the civilian workforce — from recruitment to retirement and beyond. Watch how the DoD is connecting military personnel to learn faster.

Empower global workforces with powerful digital solutions

To succeed, the Department of Defense (DoD) needs to recruit and train their personnel and communicate with key stakeholders across the world. This requires solutions that secure mission-critical data, power real-time collaboration, and communicate complex information to its audiences. Here's how they do it.

Integrating analytics and audience targeting to create more relevant and personalize messages that enhance user experiences and improve results.

Deploying data-centric security with digital rights management (DRM), ensuring that digital assets are protected wherever they are stored or sent.

Ensure internal and public-facing content is delivered consistently across devices and channels at the right time, in the right way, to the right people with FedRAMP-authorized content management system.

Managing content though XML documentation to set the stage for content reuse, sharing and discoverability, multichannel delivery, and successful service delivery to all audiences.

Delivering experience-driven learning (EDL) to give learning managers an intuitive platform to manage training and transform Intranets into a connected community of learners.

Create a connected digital experience

The DoD is the largest employer in America with 2.87 million civilian and service employees. From reaching the right recruit to fostering long, successful careers, we help the DoD communicate at scale and drive their mission forward. Learn how the DoD can accelerate digital communications for our troops, at home and abroad.

How to create a more collaborative and secure DoD

Web modernization

Facilitate the journey of service with modern, personalized web experiences that resonate with audiences. And take advantage of tools to manage documents, provide online learning, and deliver critical information to key personnel.

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Outreach and engagement

Identify audiences, align messaging, and track performance of communications - all on one centralized platform - so you can deploy messages across multiple channels and improve recruitment and overall engagement.

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Forms and document modernization

Use FedRAMP-authorized solutions to create secure online documents and forms that help you automate workflows, protect information, and improve the speed and accuracy of mission-cricial agency services.

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Digital rights management

Deliver more comprehensive protection — beyond network and device-level measures. Content-centric Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects data at the document level, so it stays with your sensitive information, no matter where it goes.

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Creative Cloud for enterprise

Create multichannel campaign assets, design prototypes for user experiences across all devices, and produce large-scale video content for your audiences.

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Electronic signatures

Eliminate the delays and hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and tracking progress manually with legal e-signature processes that streamline operations.

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The Adobe Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreement (JELA)

With the Adobe JELA, DoD agencies reduce costs, improve interoperability, expand collaboration, enhance document services, and extend publishing and creative capabilities.

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