Ad Hoc Analysis

With our Analysis Workspace feature, you get a robust, flexible canvas for building custom analysis projects. Drag and drop any number of data tables, visualizations, and components (channels, dimensions, metrics, segments, and time granularities) to a project.

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You have questions. Now you have answers.

Obviously, the point of all this data is to dig into it and find out what’s going on in your business. What are your customers doing? How is that affecting revenue? Why is this campaign working and that one isn’t? Too often, the answers to these questions are in the data, but they're hidden by clunky and time-consuming queries and static reports that only you can see. This makes it hard not only for you to get answers in real time, but it also means you spend most your time reporting to others in your business instead of looking for the insights that matter.

With our Analytics Workspace, we give everyone in your business — from the novice to the data expert — one place to dynamically analyze any number of data tables, visualizations, and components to create breakdowns and segments, and much, much more. All in real time.

Multidimensional site analysis

Drag and drop any number of data dimensions, metrics, segments, and time granularities to answer a question as soon as you can ask it.

Unlimited real-time segmentation

Build concise visitor segments that can be compared to one another to identify new segments, insights, and opportunities.

Advanced reporting

Dynamically build and analyze conversion journeys on multiple pages with advanced fall-out reports, and apply customizable default settings for greater conversion and traffic reporting.

Multiple reports on one screen

Conduct analysis of multiple reports on one screen, letting you see side-by-side comparisons without having to toggle between tabs.

Reports for mobile segments

Use reports built specifically to observe mobile visitor behavior, such as comparing mobile conversion with web conversion and keyword search by mobile visitors versus web visitors.

Anomaly detection

With the help of machine learning through Adobe Sensei, use Analytics to spot statistically significant spikes or dips in your data across any metric.

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