Adobe Experience Manager Screens

Experience Manager Screens features.

Deliver intelligent, personalized experiences in physical spaces with capabilities only possible with Adobe’s best-in-class digital experience solutions. Here’s how to turn digital signage into an experience.

Make digital signage part of an end-to-end, omnichannel experience

Native integration with Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets lets you easily connect digital signage experiences to the larger customer journey, making each interaction personal and maximizing your digital signage investment return.

Omnichannel experience

Unified content and asset management
Ensure consistent experiences by creating digital signage using the same content and asset management system used for web, print, IoT, and mobile experiences.
Connected online and in venue
Reusable content and experience fragments easily translate online experiences to in-venue devices for a streamlined customer journey.
Omnichannel delivery
Content and experience fragments are automatically rendered and optimized across devices — if one fragment is updated, all channels are intelligently updated.
Direct integration with Creative Cloud
Native connectivity allows creative teams to work directly in Creative Cloud apps while letting marketing and store operations teams create experiences from within Experience Manager.
Digital signage-specific publishing tool
Purpose-built signage authoring tools include text overlay, multiple-zone templates, and asset and channel day-parting.
Content and experience fragments
On-brand digital assets, copy, and other marketing experiences can be easily translated to in-venue screens by on-site teams.
Intuitive content authoring
Combine workflow automations and reusable content with a drag-and-drop interface and out-of-the-box components for easy content publishing.
AI-powered cross-device rendering
Video and image files are automatically rendered and optimized for each device, eliminating manual work.

Empower on-site teams with easy publishing

Ensure consistent experiences and unite marketing and on-site teams with publishing tools that make it easy for anyone to create in-venue content that’s local, relevant, and always on brand.

Empower on-site teams with easy publishing

Optimize and customize using up-to-date data

Deliver more relevant experiences with content that dynamically updates based on data such as inventory levels, point-of-sale data, product information, demographics, customer behaviors, events, weather, on-site triggers, and more.

Optimize and customize using up-to-date data

Demographic and behavior customer data
Make product recommendations based on current order, past digital behavior, or demographic segmentation.
Content based on in-person triggers
Support for touch overlays and sensor hardware allows for interactive experiences based on voice, webcam, and other triggers.
Customize for location and time of day
Time zone-based localization and dayparting make it easy to customize digital signage with relevant content.
Data-informed promotions
Use data to create promotions of items with surplus inventory, or to highlight relevant offers based on external factors such as changing weather and events.
Feedback from user interactions
Optimize experiences by tracking user interactions and running automated A/B testing.
Analyze based on desired outcome
Track digital signage impacts against point-of-sale data, revenue, and loyalty programs, and understand engagement with content across locations and time of day.
Ensure personalized experiences
Manage dynamic and interactive content to create experiences that are more relevant and contextual.

Understand the efficacy and ROI of digital screens

Experience Manager Screens provides analysis that lets you track trends and understand how digital signage impacts sales.

Understand the efficacy and ROI of digital screens

Future-proof your signage network with a cloud foundation

The enterprise-level cloud infrastructure is designed to allow virtually limitless device and integration growth — while ensuring the highest security and most up-to-date functionality.

Future-proof your signage network

Automatically update devices
Changes to content automatically synchronize across devices at massive scale, ensuring all media assets and experiences are up to date.
Schedule content across signage network
Control when and where content is shown based on schedule, content, metadata, or location.
Translation services
Powerful translation workflows significantly streamline content translation.
Limitless scalability and extensibility
Reliably and automatically scale an unlimited number of devices and infrastructure integrations to your network.
Cloud-based security
Cloud infrastructure provides enterprise scale security and privacy and ensures digital network is always up to date.
Enterprise governance tools
Reuse enterprise roles, permissions, and approval workflows to manage global online devices.