Email marketing

Liven up the inbox with impactful email campaigns that are personalized based on your customer’s real-time behavior.


Send the email your customer actually wants.

The inbox is the destination for everything from important work emails to calendar reminders to bills and receipts. It’s never been harder for marketers to break through the clutter and capture the attention of a customer scanning a full inbox.

Adobe Marketo Engage does more than let you create engaging, responsive emails. It intelligently builds and updates customer segments in real time based on their behaviors on other channels, then dynamically sends personalized communications to maximize engagement. And with real-time performance metrics you can quickly see what’s working and optimize mid-program to increase conversions.


See what makes this feature work.

Create emails quickly and easily

  • Create entire email campaigns using a visual editor with fully responsive templates that work on any device.

Real-time triggers

  • Trigger emails automatically in real time based on activity — or lack of activity — in any customer channel or changes in your CRM system.

Data at your fingertips

  • View your email marketing performance metrics in one place to measure performance in real time.
  • Review and reschedule your email campaigns directly from your mobile device with the Marketo Moments app.

Always-current segments

  • Guarantee your customer segments are always accurate with real-time updates based on individual customer behaviors and changes in their demographic profile.

Personalized emails

  • Tap into your customers’ behavior to dynamically send the right message at the right time.
  • Use A/B/n testing, predictive content, and triggered emails to improve results.

Best-in-class delivery services

  • Boost global email deliverability rates with proven best practices.
  • Get strategies to build your sender reputation and ensure maximum impact.
  • Ensure consistent customer engagement to strengthen relationships over time.

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