Creativity is your competitive edge.

Now in its 13th year, the data and research in the Digital Trends report shows you how today’s trends and opportunities will shape the digital economy.

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Customers are always raising the bar for what makes a great experience — delighted one day, and dismissive the next. This puts pressure on organizations to continually meet and exceed these evolving standards. The 2023 Digital Trends report shows how brands that embrace creativity across their ideas, processes, and technologies will lead with great experiences.


Prioritize innovation.

Give teams the time and resources to flex creatively across the customer experience.

Infuse content systems with efficiency.

Let automation and improved workflow overcome friction in content creation and delivery.

Pair insight and instinct.

Blend data with human insights for more meaningful activation and interaction.

In the 2023 Digital Trends report, we’ve broken the data out among “leading” and “mainstream” organizations to get a sense of where both have been. Survey respondents agreed with the following statements:


Customer expectations are constantly resetting to match their best omnichannel experiences.

Over the last three years, would you agree with these statements?

Leaders Mainstream

Discover the trends driving customer experience in 2023 — and how you can stay one step ahead.

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