Cohort Analysis

Create and compare groups of customers with shared characteristics over time to help you to recognise and analyse significant trends.


Customer value that lasts a lifetime.

Understanding how your customers are acting in a moment is important. But being able to track them over time and to compare them with other, similar customers gives you the ability to make better long-term decisions.

With our Cohort Analysis feature, you can analyse a group of people with common characteristics over a specified time period. Discover engagement or churn trends that help you to understand customer lifetime value. Then use these learnings to build new audiences and improve customer experiences.

Better customer decisions

Launch campaigns designed to encourage a desired action or find the best time to end a trial or offer to maximise value.

Better budget decisions

Shift your marketing budget at the right time in the customer lifecycle.

Better testing

Get ideas for A/B testing in areas such as pricing, upgrade options and more.


Run a cohort analysis report.

In our user help section, see how to create and run a cohort analysis report.

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See what our users see.

In our user help section, get a couple of good examples of useful cohort analyses.

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