Third-party Integrations.

Data connectors integrate Adobe Analytics with third-party applications utilising pre-built API connections and a drag-and-drop UI.


Integration equals insight.

No two marketing strategies are identical. Because of this, we give you what you need to build your digital marketing strategy with the tools that make the most sense for you. With third-party integrations available in Adobe Analytics, you can shape your marketing strategy meet your specific needs and get the most from your Adobe Analytics investment.

With the Adobe Experience Cloud Exchange, you can integrate with top technology brands like Hootsuite, Invoca, and BrightEdge. These integrations and others allow you to combine external data like pre-click email data, off-line voice or interactive voice response (IVR) with Adobe Analytics behavioural data to truly understand how your multichannel campaigns are performing.

Huge integration inventory

Choose from more than 200 integrations to help you to get more out of your Adobe Experience Cloud investment.

Seamless integration

Take advantage of pre-built technical integrations that allow you to immediately ingest third-party data into Adobe Analytics for multichannel analysis.


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