Reporting and Visualizations

Easily turn your data into visual reports and save them to unlimited customized dashboards. Enhanced capabilities include automated report updates, a range of data export options and various user roles.

Get a handle on your data.

Running a commerce business is a complex task — there are so many things to track that it is hard to determine what to actually focus on. Even if you spend some time every day looking at key metrics, you’re probably feeling that you don’t know enough about the health of your business. 

A full-featured reporting and visualization function gets you pointed in the right direction and helps you make adjustments as you go. Magento Commerce provides everything you need to stay on top of all the data, information, and metrics that matter to your business. You can set up as many dashboards as you need, make all kinds of reports, export data in a number of formats, control permission levels, and automate how you share insights by scheduling reports to be sent directly to any inbox.

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Unlimited Dashboards

Build, save, and share as many dashboards as you need to stay on top of what matters most. Organize them into categories so that each team can stay focused.

Easy Exporting

Gain the freedom to use your data and visuals of any report outside of the platform. Extract data as .csv or .xlsx. Download charts and save them as a pdf, png, or svg so you can insert right into that important presentation.

Permission Levels

Give your team members the permissions they need to get the most out of the platform while keeping your account safe. From admin to read-only, you can ensure privacy.

Easy-to-Use Report Builder

Turn data into stunning visualizations or tables with an intuitive interface. Create formulas, change time parameters, and quickly filter and organize data to get to the answers you need most.

Advanced SQL Report Builder

Directly query your entire data warehouse. You can add existing metrics or start from scratch. Visualize the results and save them to dashboards.

Email Report Scheduling

Stay informed automatically. Select which reports you’d like to receive in your inbox and when you want them. Schedule reports to send to your colleagues as well so that everyone stays informed on what matters most.

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Unlimited dashboards and eCommerce reports.

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