How Adobe Commerce compares to competitors

Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento and part of Adobe Experience Cloud, is the most flexible, extensible, unified platform for digital commerce and predictive intelligence. And we're leading the way on delivering solutions that support a better, more differentiated experience throughout the customer journey.

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Adobe Commerce offers advantages others can’t

Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Other solutions

Flexible, scalable and agile
Ability to manage all brands, across all countries, with a single cloud solution, offering the flexibility to quickly scale as needed.
Don’t offer a single cloud commerce platform where you can manage all business models, all brands and all commerce processes, so technical overhead is more complicated and costly.
Global support
A certified and experienced network of global system integrators and over 315,000 developers, all dedicated to helping your commerce experience stand up and run smoothly.
A limited support network and limited access to knowledgeable expertise when you need it.
Extended capabilities
Access to our commerce marketplace, where you can tap into some of the best technologies in the world and extend your capabilities to meet your unique business needs - whether that's implementing new payment services, marketing services or integrating with a CRM.
Fewer extensions available, making it hard to integrate new capabilities quickly.
Support for multiple business models
Ideal for B2B businesses that also want the flexibility to sell direct-to-consumer; you can do both from a single platform.
Inability to support more than one business model on one platform, fragmenting you processes and systems and increasing your costs.
Faster time to market
More than 75 per cent of projects are deployed in less than six months and we provide over 4,000 out-of-the-box extensions. So can realise value faster while accelerating innovation.
Don’t have as many out-of-the-box features, making it a challenge to deploy quickly with the full set of capabilities you need to realise a fast return on investment.
Limitless frontend flexibility
Robust commerce backend, performant APIs and decoupled frontend in PWA Studio enables you to build your commerce experience the way you want - whether that's building a coupled, responsive website or using our headless architecture to deliver progressive web applications, integrate with a robust CMS like Adobe Experience Manager or build completely customised digital touchpoints.
Limits you to one or there other - either constrained by a platform that is not headless-ready or forcing you to take on complexity that you're not ready for - there is no growth path.
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