Data warehousing and management

Manage and control the data your business needs to thrive using our cloud-based ecommerce data warehouse, which provides multiple ways to pipe your data in and selective sync options.

Solve your data challenges with elegant design and powerful data management

You’re trying to make data-driven decisions about your ecommerce business. But it isn’t easy when your data lives in disparate systems. Some of the data you need most isn’t connected to your store or it’s getting patched in through clunky integration work.


Don’t worry about building or provisioning your own data warehouse — Adobe Commerce includes a hosted, cloud-based data warehouse that helps bring all your data into one place so you can and access it anywhere you have Internet access. You control which data from which systems you want to sync, so your data stays safe and your account stays clean. And you can quickly add third-party data sources and databases using our prebuilt integrations, avoiding the hassle of customised integrations.

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Data warehousing management

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Rest API

Connect to any data source with our flexible API — with all the documentation you need.

Customisable metrics

Keep everyone on the same page with KPIs customised for your precise business needs.

Data modelling

Use powerful tools to join tables, convert currencies, create arbitrary derivatives and more.

Automated data replication

Keep all your reports up to date and automatically synced to each system you connect.

File uploads

Import and analyse critical supplementary data with fast, easy .csv and spreadsheet uploads.

System summary

View a concise outline of all the metrics, filter sets and data dimensions in your account.

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Data warehousing management

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Learn how Adobe Commerce helps you to centralise your data and then use it to make better decisions.

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