More than an AI chatbot — Dynamic Chat is a pipeline builder.

Adobe Dynamic Chat is a native conversational engagement channel that lets buyers self-serve and self-qualify. Built directly into Adobe Marketo Engage and powered by Adobe Sensei GenAI, Dynamic Chat is designed to move buyers into the sales funnel faster.

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Add real-time conversations to your marketing automation strategy.

Today’s B2B buyers want to self-serve before contacting sales, which continues to make your website an important demand generation tool. With Dynamic Chat’s end-to-end conversation automation, site visitors have multiple ways to independently engage with your site, book meetings and get answers to questions.

  1. Real-time data
  2. Cross-channel conversations
  3. Conversation automation
  4. Sales engagement
  5. Meetings
  6. Reporting
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Real-time conversation data and segmentation

Power lead- and account-based conversations using centralised sales and marketing automation data.

  • Real-time engagement data. Segment audiences using real-time customer activity data, including customised activities collected across engagement channels.
  • Integrated CRM. Refine audience segments using existing customer relationship management (CRM) data integrated inside Marketo Engage.
  • ABM data. Personalise your conversations using named account lists from account-based marketing (ABM) data inside Marketo Engage.
  • Dynamic audiences. Use Marketo Engage smart lists to automatically include and exclude customers from conversations.

Cross-channel conversations

Activate multiple types of conversations across channels with or without a chatbot.

  • Automated chat. Guide site visitors with suggested questions and discussion topics.
  • Generative AI chat. Enable generative AI to provide authentic and relevant responses to free-form questions while maintaining brand consistency through marketing-controlled messaging.
  • Live chat. Offer qualified site visitors the ability to chat with live sales agents.
  • Conversational forms and SDK. Turn Marketo Engage forms or any digital call to action into conversational flows and meeting booking experiences.

Conversation management, automation and personalisation

Orchestrate and automate personalised conversation campaigns using the industry-leading automation engine and real-time personalisation inside Marketo Engage.

  • Automation triggers. Trigger conversations based on other Marketo Engage campaign engagement.
  • Conversation builder. Use drag-and-drop dialogue cards and templates or clone entire programmes to design and deploy conversation campaigns quickly.
  • Assisted responses. Let Sensei GenAI produce a customised collection of questions and answers, all approved by marketing, to set up generative AI chat campaigns in minutes.
  • Dynamic personalisation. Personalise greetings and messaging using out-of-the-box token fields and values or customise your own.

Sales intelligence and engagement

Eliminate the conversation hand-off between marketing and sales.

  • Sales agent workbench. Provide sales with a dedicated inbox to manage live chat, analyse real-time insights and view previous marketing activity.
  • Conversation assist. Give sales reps what they need to succeed during live conversations with responses that have been generated by Sensei GenAI and approved by marketing.
  • Sales insights integration. Send real-time chat activity, scheduled meeting bookings and generative AI powered conversation summaries inside your CRM.
  • Integrated CRM insights. Target conversations and trigger marketing automation workflows using CRM data inside Marketo Engage.

Conversation routeing and meeting bookings

Book more qualified meetings and route conversations without lifting a finger.

  • Sales meeting scheduler. Integrate sales agent calendars to allow customers to book meetings during chatbot conversations by simply filling in a Marketo Engage form or clicking any webpage call to action.
  • Account-based marketing routeing. Route conversations to the right account owner based on target account lists from ABM data inside Marketo Engage.
  • Sales routeing. Route conversations to the right sales agent, team or group of teams using round-robin or customised routeing rules.

Integrated conversation reporting and insights

View real-time proof that your sales pipeline is bigger and more qualified than ever.

  • Automated chat reporting. View which automated dialogues triggered the most engagement, booked the most meetings and initiated the most live chat conversations.
  • Live chat and agent reporting. View sales agent and team activity breakdowns, including total live chats, average chat time and average response times.
  • Meeting performance. Get a bird’s-eye view of all meetings, including the chat dialogues, sales agents and webpages that booked the most meetings.
  • Integrated attribution. Compare chat revenue with other channels and campaigns using existing Marketo Engage reporting and attribution capabilities.

Discover the Adobe advantage.

Purpose-built for B2B marketing automation and powered by Adobe Sensei GenAI.

Built-in and ready in minutes

Deploy chat campaigns faster than any other chat vendor using Sensei GenAI and existing Marketo Engage workflows, data and user interface.

More than just a chatbot

Flip the switch to turn landing pages and forms into conversations and meeting bookings by launching Dynamic Chat dialogues with the click of a button.

Exclusive Marketo Engage capabilities and integrations

Get exclusive access to Sales Insight, smart lists, landing pages, form builder and Adobe Audience Sync to unlock Adobe-only chat use cases.

Unique generative AI designed for B2B

Engage smarter with more granular personalisation using unique B2B data and generative AI workflows designed for sales and marketing.

Give marketing and sales teams a generative AI assist.

  • Conversation summary. Give sales agents summarised conversations ahead of meetings to cut down prep time.
  • Generative AI. Turn your chatbot into a brand ambassador to answer questions in a natural, contextual way that matches your brand’s product knowledge, personality and tone.
  • Response library. Create a marketing-approved library of AI-generated questions and answers to help set up generative AI chat in minutes.
  • Sales conversation assist. Help sales agents respond during live conversations using responses generated by Sensei GenAI and approved by marketing.

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If you are looking to expand from the standard chat capabilities in Marketo Engage, it's easy to upgrade with simple, transparent and value-based pricing.

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Maximise your marketing investment with Adobe.

Create Dynamic Chat audiences inside Marketo Engage and sync them across Adobe Experience Cloud for B2B to analyse deeper insights, enrich unified profiles, activate paid media and more.

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