This year, high-tech companies are pushing to make purchasing processes more personal.

Based on extensive global research, the 2023 Digital Trends — B2B High Tech in Focus shares how high-tech organisations are remaking the B2B customer journey into a digitally-driven process that engages on an emotional level.

High-tech companies are winning customer loyalty with new personalisation strategies.

Today’s B2B buyers want the same convenience and individual engagement as their B2C experiences. To meet these expectations, high-tech companies are focusing on building unified purchasing experiences using workflow automation, personalised content and unified data insights.

Our annual research with Econsultancy uncovers key findings, including:

  • 77% of B2B buyers stated their last purchase experience was very challenging.
  • Despite the growing demand for online engagement, 42% of B2B tech brands stated their digital experiences ‘sometimes lags our customer needs.’
  • 94% of high-tech brands agree that they must deliver consistent, personalised content across more channels.

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Adobe 2023 Digital Trends Report: High-Tech in Focus.