Concurrency Monitoring

Reduce unauthorized account sharing across all of your streaming pay-TV properties. TV Everywhere is a wonderful thing. Customers love its convenience, and you love its business opportunity. But beneath the surface, you could be missing out on tons of subscription revenue because of unauthorized account sharing. Adobe Pass Concurrency Monitoring helps you catch and limit unauthorized account sharing. You’ll be able to monitor viewing activity and enforce access rules across all your pay-TV properties.


See what makes it work

Abstract node diagram of an Adobe Pass user event rule.

Real-time monitoring
Track concurrent account viewing and enforce entitlement rules across pay-TV and programmer sites and apps simultaneously. Adobe Pass meets OATC Resource Usage Monitoring standards.

Customizable rules
You can choose how to monitor and limit concurrent viewing, such as setting limits by location, device type, or pay-TV operator. Add custom metadata and onscreen viewer messages to rules as needed.

Customizable user messages and actions
You have the option of who views a message or to make them take an action (such as ending a specific stream) in the event that they exceed your custom concurrent viewing rules.

Simple implementation
A Single REST API handles both heartbeat and query calls, simplifying implementation across any platform.

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Visit the Adobe Pass help page on Concurrency Monitoring for details on use cases, security, documentation, and more.

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