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Workflow and planning

Workflows that are connected, transparent, and efficient.

Real-time status updates, cross-team visibility, and connected workstreams let you take projects from ideation to market — quicker.

Turn your multi-step project plan into a cohesive and responsive workflow.

Automate workflows and eliminate manual processes image

Automate workflows and eliminate manual processes.

Streamline many time-consuming and repetitive tasks so teams can plan and deliver work faster.

  • Stand up new projects quickly with creative-brief automations and projects that align across systems.
  • Accelerate asset management with automated metadata tagging that is consistent across tools.
  • Instantly understand your team’s current and future availability with automated resourcing capabilities.

Accelerate the review and approval process.

Move projects into market faster with a connected, streamlined, and auditable review and approval process that ensures security and transparency.

  • Sync status and approvals across tools — including Adobe Workfront,, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager Assets — so teams are updated in their own workspace.
  • Give teams real-time synchronized updates so everyone knows exactly when an asset is approved for activation.
  • Get enterprise-level controls, including share-link expiration, forensic watermarking, private projects, password-protected sharing, administrative controls, and an auditable approval trail.
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Get complete visibility into the end-to-end work cycle image

Get complete visibility into the end-to-end work cycle.

Give every team member — from contributor to executives — a holistic view of entire content-related projects and campaigns.

  • Update project stakeholders, ensure organizational alignment, mitigate risks and delays, and optimize resources with real-time insights.
  • Prioritize projects and track results against business goals and strategies.
  • Easily update project plans to meet changes happening in real time.
  • Visualize plans in multiple views — from a simple marketing calendar to customizable reports.

More workflow innovations from Adobe.

Adobe Content Supply Chain brings together Workfront (for automation) and Adobe Experience Manager Assets (DAM) for faster workflows and insights.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets + Adobe Workfront

Automatically push asset metadata and project information from Workfront to Experience Manager Assets for faster workflows and insights.

Holistic view of every task within Workfront and with a simple toggle for enhanced collaboration.

Streamlined review and approval

Get frictionless reviews across Workfront and, with modern UI and enhanced collaboration to streamline work across teams.

Connect strategic plans to assets, projects, and campaigns to achieve end-to-end visibility and flexibility across the entire marketing lifecycle.

Unified Marketing System of Record

Connect strategic plans to assets, projects, and campaigns, enabling end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and control across the marketing lifecycle. | Thermo Fisher Scientific

“At such a large organization, it’s impossible to pay attention to everything. Adobe Workfront gives us the ability to pull in the right information and show it to the right people at the right time so that they can do their work and not worry about all the other noise.”

Amy Zakrzewski
Marketing Operations Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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