Mobile centricity

Choose a mobile commerce solution that meets your customers wherever they are. Our progressive web application (PWA) provides seamless, app-like experiences and smooth conversion paths on every device.


A mobile ecommerce platform that makes selling easy.

Whether they're buying everyday essentials or booking a holiday, more and more shoppers are reaching to their phones to do it. By 2024, the total value of retail eCommerce sales made on smartphones is projected to pass $400 billion. Having a fast, user-friendly and affordable mobile ecommerce platform has become business-critical.

Adobe Commerce mobile solutions create the immersive experiences your customers need to make quick conversions. Using agile progressive web applications (PWA), they reduce data usage and friction to increase engagements, sales and revenue.


3 Ways to Capture More Mobile Revenue: Learning from an Adobe Community Effort

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See what makes our mobile ecommerce platform work.

Adobe Commerce mobile centricity

Progressive web applications

Give buyers the convenience and speed of a mobile app, along with the searchability and robust experience of desktop browsers.

Mobile-friendly checkout

Convert more buyers with an easier checkout process that includes instant purchase and seamless integration with payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree.

Responsive themes

Quickly create your mobile ecommerce platform with out-of-the box templates designed to display beautifully and consistently on every device, in any form.

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Fast-track your development

Learn how our PWA Studio tools can help you quickly and easily build app-like experiences that increase engagement and grow sales.

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Mobile Optimisation Initiative

The mobile conversions gap continues to challenge retailers of all sizes. While smartphones gain share of consumers’ online shopping spend, the ratio of mobile views to conversions lags in comparison to desktop. To close the gap, the Mobile Optimisation Initiative has conducted over 250 experiments resulting in 3 million data points with merchants from around the world. The results are amazing and not always what you’d expect.

Learn more about this innovative, community-driven initiative.

Mobile Optimization Initiative