Accelerate your processes and deliver vital services faster.

From e-signatures for online forms to certificate-backed digital signatures for sensitive documents, we have a solution for you. Watch how the State of Hawaii saved $5 million while broadening access to government services with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Introducing Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government.

A security enhanced version of our industry-leading signature solution, FedRAMP Moderate authorized.

Secure, paperless signatures for the needs of today’s agencies.

Protecting citizen and agency data is a top priority when modernizing government agency processes. Adobe Acrobat Sign empowers users, managers, and administrators with secure digital document workflows founded on industry best practices for encryption, key management, and regulatory standards.

Convenient and compliant

Accelerate processing of permits, applications, vendor agreements, HR documents, and more without sacrificing security or compliance controls. And with our FedRAMP Moderate authorized solution, public agencies with sensitive workloads can enjoy convenience without adding risk. 

Make it automatic

Automated processes let your agency focus time and attention on solving problems, not managing outdated processes. Using intelligent, self-service workflows, your teams can achieve higher productivity in service to their communities.

Stronger identity and access management

Identity management provides the necessary security for modern collaboration. The right e-signature solution supports mission-critical authentication models and tactics including CAC and PIV and a role-based model for assigning specific permissions to enable continual integration with existing IAM solutions.

Easy, Automatic Audit Trails

Capturing signatures is just the first step. Today’s government agencies require a platform that consolidates control and visibility across diverse workflows, improved operational reporting, and automates audit trails to ensure compliance and elevate public trust.

Resources for e-signatures.

Extend your investment in Microsoft and other business systems.

With Adobe Acrobat Sign—and access to our powerful APIs—you can easily integrate e-signatures into existing systems and applications with our pre-built integrations for Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, and more.

Unlock digital document transformation with e-signature.

Many agencies responded to the pandemic by accelerating digital document transformation. Learn how they did it in The Road Map to Service Continuity.

The State of Utah Uses Adobe Acrobat Sign to Accelerate Telework During Crisis.

In 2020, no one could have predicted Utah would be simultaneously struck by a 5.7 earthquake and the growing threat of COVID-19. Hear how Utah State officials used Adobe Acrobat Sign to help the public quickly connect to essential government services in a time of crisis. 

California Department of Technology Streamlines Procurement with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

The California Department of Technology (CVT) knows its internal operations need to reflect its technology focus. Hear why the CDT Office of Statewide Technology Procurement decided to make Adobe Acrobat Sign their electronic signature solution.

Measurable speed, efficiency, and savings.

In a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester, government agencies saw 30% faster transaction speeds, 25% improvement in compliance efficiency, and $21.50 savings per transaction with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

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