Personalized Communications

Deliver personalized communications to each individual customer without the need for manual intervention by integrating data from back-end systems directly into your document templates.

Personal, but automated.

You know the importance of creating personalized experiences across channels, but sometimes correspondence gets left out in the cold. The way you talk to customers says a lot about your brand. You want to say the right thing to the right customers on the channels they prefer. You also need an automated, compliant, and mobile-ready way to personalize your communications.

With personalized communications, you’ll be able to create and send personalized letters, statements, and other communications all from one place. This can help you generate thousands of documents in batches, but with information specific to each customer. By using integrated data to create personalized and accurate statements, letters, and other communications, you no longer have to rely on manual intervention to achieve personalization.

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Streamlined authoring (NEW)
Drag and drop data elements directly onto a template or take a shortcut. Use keyboard commands to instantly search for and find integrated data.

Targeted offers
Dynamically include targeted content in documents. This puts relevant, personalized offers in front of the right audiences. And it lets you cross-sell and upsell to keep your customers around.


Improve the customer experience by delivering them personalized charts based on their behaviors, like spending patterns or product usage.

Merge with existing CRM and ERP systems to create personalized and accurate statements. Then send correspondence across the channels your customers choose.


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Explore interactive communications.

Get the details on interactive communications, including use cases, workflows, and more in our Help section.

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Explore interactive communications
Personalize your multichannel communication.

Personalize your multichannel communication.

See how a personalized touch helps brands win in our tutorial video. 

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Codeless data mapping

Integrate data sources without any custom development and map entities to form fields and documents to personalize customer experiences and automate application processing across your brand.

Out-of-the-box data connectors

Our out-of-the-box connectors connect to RDBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle), Microsoft Dynamics and other back-end systems, and they use common protocols like OData, Swagger 2.0 Rest, or SOAP connect to just about anything.

Multichannel communication

Create, preview, and publish mobile-responsive web and print-ready communications within a single editor by dragging and dropping reusable content from channel to channel.

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