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Testing and optimization

Make experimentation and testing quick and easy with the built-in features of Edge Delivery Services. Get fast insights on every page — from simple split testing to full feature experimentation.

Explore testing and optimization features.

Generate variations

Instantly create image and copy variations for any part of your site so you can quickly test and optimize for the best performance:

  • Full experience generation. Leverage Adobe Firefly to generate high quality images to pair with generated copy directly in Experience Manager Sites to deliver a comprehensive experience to your customers.
  • Optimized prompt templates. Leverage out-of-the-box prompt templates tailored to specific parts of your site to generate better AI outputs and eliminate the need for prompt iterations.
  • Content aligned to your audience. Import pre-defined segments and their characteristics to generate content tailored to your unique audiences.
  • Brand aware outputs. Incorporate your brand’s unique tone and style requirements directly into the prompt template to create content that’s on-brand. Your brand identity elements are securely stored within your account and are never used to train third-party AI models.
https://main--bacom--adobecom.hlx.page/fragments/products/modal/videos/adobe-experience-manager/sites/testing-optimization/generative-ai-variations#GA | User interface screenshot of an AEM Sites instant experiment showing results for conversions with testing insights for an adventure travel website.

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https://business.adobe.com/fragments/products/modal/videos/adobe-experience-manager/sites/testing-optimization/full-page-experimentation#experimentation | User interface screenshot of an AEM Sites instant experiment showing results for conversions with testing insights for an adventure travel website.

Full-page experimentation

Get advanced experimentation capabilities with Edge Delivery Services that let you discover deeper insights. Test different content, layouts, and components across multiple pages and segments.

  • Segment targeting. Use out-of-the-box tools to run experiences with different audiences, including location, device type, and new visitors versus returning visitors.
  • Traffic allocation. Easily define which portion of your traffic receives each variation, whether it is divided evenly or unequally, such as 50-25-25.

Quick A/B testing

With Edge Delivery Services’ native experimentation capabilities, marketers can quickly test different versions of pages with randomized, evenly split audiences to identify and deliver the best performing experiences — no other tooling required.

  • Easy setup. Simplified workflows let marketers set up tests in minutes, right within their authoring environment, making quick experimentation effortless.
  • Analytics. Gain insights into experiment results with out-of-the-box reporting to improve page performance. Marketers can easily view traffic, conversion, and statistical significance for each variation within the preview environment to inform decision-making.
User interface screenshot of an AEM Sites experiment running on an adventure travel website.
A business manager observing his purchase channel overlap data for call centers, in-store, and online, beside a pipeline graph and sales forecast metrics.

Content insights

Measure content performance to understand the elements of your pages that engage and convert customers.

  • Attribute-level insights. Our AI/ML services break down every experience into granular content elements and attributes so you can understand what characteristics drive engagement.
  • Page-level insights. Understand performance of every page you author, including the assets, copy, layout, and extracted attributes, to improve specific offers and campaigns.
  • Asset-level insights. View performance data for assets, including images, to understand what type of assets engage visitors across both web and paid media channels.

Rules-based targeting

Target specific groups of site visitors with context-based rules. Then, deliver relevant content to visitor segments using out-of-the-box tools with little or no coding required.

  • Form-based setup. A simple interface lets you quickly select and activate rules from a rules library. You also can customize an existing rule or create your own from scratch.
  • Customer segment targeting. Create more robust and progressive targeting by uploading customer segments from Adobe Target.
  • Geo-targeting. Know the location for each visitor and target content based on local trends, activities, or weather.
User interface screenshot of AEM Sites interest targeting panel, showing the content components and audience targeting configurations for an adventure travel website.

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