Targeting Insights

Understand how your activities are performing by accessing reports on conversion rate, average order value (AOV), revenue per visitor (RPV), and engagement of each audience.

Hit your target more often with the right data.

Targeting audience segments is great. Delivering personalized content is even better. But you need to know your efforts are turning into sales. And if not, you need to fine-tune your messaging until you get it right. But to do that, you need real-time data.

Targeting insights give you customizable reports that show the exact information you need to know — how your targeting affects sales and revenue. You can then use this information to improve both your targeting and your personalized content. And, ultimately, your bottom line.

See what makes it work.

See what makes it work.

A comprehensive legend
Understand what each section of the report means, such as the activity status, projected winning experience, and the activities source.

Customized setting
Generate reports that provide the exact insights you need by selecting audience, date range, activities, and settings. Available settings change based on the activity selected, but may include counting methodology, control, and environment.

Report metrics
Select from pre-configured success metrics based on your KPIs to simplify test creation and improve results.

Learn more about targeting insights in Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Jump-start on reports.

Jump-start on reports.

Get to know the basics of using and testing reports in our Help section.

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Craft personalized customer journeys.

Delve into learning about personalization and targeting to create cohesive customer journeys in our Adobe white paper.

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Craft personalized customer journeys.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.