A real-time CDP turns marketing’s 3 biggest challenges into opportunities

When talking to B2C and B2B customers, conversations frequently centre around the following three priorities: evolving data strategies, turning insights into action, and the importance of delivering instant personalisation. In order to help brands turn these challenges into opportunities, Adobe offers its Real-time Customer Data Platform (Real-time CDP), a winner in Adweek’s Reader’s Choice: Best of Tech Awards. These 3 priorities are the biggest challenges and are more relevant today for B2C and B2B marketers than ever before.

Evolving data strategies

With cookie and device restrictions serving as catalysts, forward-thinking organisations are evolving their first party data strategies to futureproof data management practices. They are focused on bringing together known B2C and B2B customer data (e.g., name, personal and work email and address, account, and opportunity information) and unknown pseudonymous data (e.g., first-party cookies, device IDs, hashed customer IDs) to build complete people and account profiles and better understand individual customer needs and expectations. Supporting this architecture is Adobe’s patented Data Governance framework which simplifies the process of categorising datasets to comply with regional or organisational policies for both B2C and B2B brands.

Insights to action

A big reason why B2C and B2B marketers are interested in CDPs is because of the access to rich data and speed of activation. Adobe’s Real-time CDP gives marketers access to insights at their fingertips, starting with unified people and account profiles. Marketers can track events being added to profiles in real-time, with quick visibility into things like linked namespaces, channel preferences, and customer counts to buying group coverage, associated sales opportunities and linked target accounts for account-based marketing. Marketers are also interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to expedite workflows and uncover more actionable insights from first party data. Adobe recently launched Customer AI, which allows marketers to generate custom propensity scores such as churn and conversion for individual user profiles. Customer AI helps marketers evolve their data strategy with rich data-driven insights that can be used to build valuable audiences and power relevant personalisation.

Once insights are discovered using centralised and more complete data, marketers can activate their audience segments of people and accounts across connected channels from a single place. Because CDPs are built to connect data sources and activation channels using a uniform data model, marketers can quickly and conveniently activate their audience segment to execute a wide variety of use cases from reporting and A/B testing to cross-channel engagement and real-time responses.

Instant personalisation

Marketers acknowledge that customer expectations around digital experiences have never been higher, but delivering relevant personalisation requires an ability to keep unified people and account profiles up to date. As a consumer navigates through a site, makes a purchase in-store or online, and engages with advertising or email campaigns, B2C marketers must be able to update the user’s profile with data from each point of engagement to execute retargeting, suppression, and other personalisation tactics. Or as a key decision-maker from the buying group of a strategic target account visits your homepage, clicks on a registration email, fills out a form and attends your event, B2B marketers must be able to update not only the person profile but also the unified account profile to ensure all those touchpoints are personalised based on the most recent activity, the person’s role, title and interest, as well as the account’s industry, location, and other attributes.

Adobe’s Real-time CDP offers streaming segmentation, which conducts segment qualification as data lands in Experience Platform. With this capability, marketers can be confident that their audience segment membership is up-to-date and delivering great customer experiences without running scheduled or batch segmentation jobs.

We know these issues are top-of-mind for many marketers, and by extension those who voted in Adweek’s Reader’s Choice: Best of Tech Awards. Adobe is proud of this recognition, and we look forward to continuing customer conversations (and more accolades!) in the future.