Leading brands maximising the benefits of Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Whether your business sells to consumers, businesses or both, unifying the sheer volume of data available across channels, devices, segments and departments can appear a daunting prospect... but it doesn’t need to be.

Adobe’s Real-Time CDP, built on Adobe Experience Platform, creates a single, real-time view of customers helping brands deliver more personalised experiences to grow their businesses and take the relationship they have with their customers to the next level.

Utilising real-time events and data from all sources, Adobe Real-Time CDP delivers rapid segmentation, removing data silos and delivering personalised experiences from real time enabling leading brands such as TSB Bank, O2 / Telefónica Germany and Real Madrid C.F., to streamline workflows, transform personalisation strategies and personalise customer experiences at scale:

TSB Bank

Before working with Adobe, top UK bank TSB took a linear approach to customer data, delivering generic marketing materials to its customers. Teams would segment customers and prospects into broad categories before targeting each segment with batch marketing materials.

As well as being impersonal, this process was also time consuming, taking up to two weeks to launch campaigns. Adobe’s Real-Time CDP unified the banking experiences, combining data from TSB’s online and offline channels for a complete view of every customer and suggest actions which could be undertaken instantly. For example, customers searching for new homes online could receive helpful information about TSB’s mortgages.

The impact was significant. Within one year of using Adobe Experience Platform and Real-Time CDP, TSB saw a 400% boost in loan applications thanks to delivering more relevant offers and communications.

TSB can now also record in-branch interaction and use insights to inform follow-up online marketing to help customers along their journey, such as extending a specialised mortgage offer. Likewise, in-branch employees have access to the same information as online teams, so they can recommend relevant products or services based on an individual’s online interactions.

“The rich insights we get from Adobe Real-Time CDP informs our personalisation strategy to enrich customers experiences. Most importantly, we can deliver that richness consistently online and offline because our decisions are based on every interaction in that customer’s past”

Mike Gamble, Director of Analysis and Design at TSB Bank

O2 / Telefónica Germany

As one of Europe’s largest telecoms companies O2 / Telefónica Germany sits on a potential goldmine of data. Offering a wide range of digital services and packages – from phone contracts to TV subscriptions – being able to understand their customers as individuals is a big priority.

Using Adobe’s Real-Time CDP O2 / Telefónica was able to combine its online data with existing customer information and other data sources from across the business to give each customer a score related to purchase probability forecasts across all of its channels.

O2 / Telefónica’s Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) availability checker, where customers can check network coverage, is one part of the business which benefitted most from Real-Time CDP. Whether a customer enters a store or calls the service by phone, any O2 / Telefónica employee they speak to will already be equipped with the relevant information they need about that individual. The company also sends personalised emails based off a customer’s DSL online search with includes tailor-made offers to support future purchasing decisions.

O2 / Telefónica Germany can also send individual customers renewal offers if their mobile contract is set to expire or new product announcements from mobile brands they would be interested in.

“Personal contact is the big difference between online and bricks-and-mortar retail, and technology is the best way to improve retail sales and provide customers with a consistent experience. We don’t want to replace bricks-and-mortar retail with digital offerings. We’d simply like to bring the two closer together to create true omni-channel experiences. For this to succeed, data needs to be shared in real-time across all channels. That’s where Adobe Real-Time CDP has been invaluable. It helps us to share this information”

Steven Burkhardt, Head of Digital Analytics at O2 / Telefónica Germany

Real Madrid C.F.

After announcing a partnership with Adobe last year, Real Madrid will use Real-Time CDP to take engagement with global fans to new heights, delivering unique digital experiences to its global fanbase.

For fans watching at home, digital advertising boards at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium will change dynamically to show brands and content relevant to their location. In future, Real Madrid will be able to elevate this experience by delivering personalised ads based on what fans are most interested in and where they are at any given time, from public transport to at a bar – transforming the stadium into a virtual destination accessible to hundreds of millions of fans.

“The next generation of global fans are creators at heart, and Adobe’s DNA and comprehensive capabilities are letting us realise our vision for a global community who will engage with our expanded digital commerce ecosystem. Adobe helps us balance data and privacy in a way that lets us get to know our fans better through earned trust, and by delivering them the products and services they desire”

Michael Sutherland, Chief Transformation Officer at Real Madrid

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