Telia Denmark provides first-class telecom experiences for families with Adobe

Communications make the world go round. Telecom experiences make the world collaborative.

Telia Denmark is one of the leading and most recognisable telecom companies in Denmark. Its 800 employees use the company’s intelligent solutions to better understand the individual needs and wants of its customers, offering compelling solutions for both businesses and private customers.

The big challenge facing Telia is that the Danish telecom industry is an extremely competitive market that faces constant disruption, with the typical consumer always looking around the corner for their next telecom provider should they undergo a poor experience.

To help achieve its long-term strategic vision of becoming the most customer-oriented provider on the Danish telecom market, Telia Denmark implemented Adobe Target, plus Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO), powered by Adobe Experience Platform, during the second half of 2021.

“The overall goal for Telia Denmark is to become the families’ preferred telecoms partner, for which we are leveraging Adobe’s technology-stack among other solutions. Our goal within digital is to deliver experiences beyond what our customers expect and in a way that fundamentally changes the game”

Christian Iversen

Head of Martech at Telia Denmark

Creating a truly trustworthy digital customer experience

With Adobe as its key digital transformation partner, Telia Denmark is evolving into an industry-leading telecoms company delivering a best-in-class suite of digital experiences and communications.

As well as this, Telia is keen to invest in both mobile and fixed infrastructures which, when combined with its new digital communications technologies, will not only benefit their customers, but also society as a whole.

At the core of this strategic journey is Adobe Experience Platform, empowering Telia’s long-term vision to develop an Omnichannel Platform to ensure seamless and personalised customer experiences and engagement across all channels.

Knowledge that’s developed and stays in-house

One of the most important outcomes of Telia’s investment with Adobe was to gain a consolidated and structured view on all relevant customer data. This provides teams the space and resource to generate more data-driven competitive advantages, which means employees can spend less time sorting data, and more time on nurturing customer relationships.

As Telia’s Head of Martech points out, the seamless onboarding and integration process represents one of the partnership’s most impressive early benefits. Speaking from years of similar experience when implementing digital tools at other Nordic companies, Christian underlines that this is the first time he’s seen it successfully done in-house in such a short period of time.

Streamlining the data process has also helped Telia improve its cross-department collaboration. Data provided by the marketing team and website now connects seamlessly to the IT department, and vice versa. By improving efficiencies throughout the company, Telia is driving a better customer experience across the board, not just in marketing – strengthening Telia’s ambition to become the most customer-oriented telecom company in Denmark.

“We’re investing in new technology and data insights on customer journeys to stay ahead of our customers’ needs and wants. This comprehensive view on data across departments and functions enables us to become more effective with our customer experience management,” says Christian

Ultimately, customer experience optimisation is about creating better relationships with your customers. With the help and support of Adobe, Telia is using the power of personalised customer journeys to realise its strategy to become the preferred telecoms provider for families, through better relationships.