Analytics dashboards

Adobe Analytics dashboards gives decision-makers access to easy-to-understand insights in real time right on their mobile device. No complicated analysis screens or ad hoc spreadsheets. Just at-a-glance contextualised customer information.

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Give real-time decision-makers access to data in real time.

Executives and other high-level decision-makers rely on data to make important business decisions — about inventory ordering, marketing campaign spending and how to direct company resources. The rapid pace of today’s marketplace makes the timing —and the accuracy — of these decisions critical. To make them, business leaders are often dependant on analysts to interpret large amounts of data and translate it into reports they can read.

Analytics dashboards simplifies this process by providing decision-makers easy-to-understand curated data dashboards right on their mobile devices. Analysts create customised “scorecards” that track key data points relevant to decision-makers. From there, decision-makers can see trends, conduct historical comparisons and be empowered to make critical decisions based on the data. With Analytics dashboards, executives and other business users can easily gain insight into product launch and flash sale performance as well as monitor up-to-the-minute numbers such as Black Friday revenue or Giving Tuesday donations.

Analysis for everyone
Customised scorecards let anyone in your organisation — not just analysts — easily access and understand key metrics and powerful insights from Analytics to make informed business decisions.

Elegant, intuitive interface
Analytics dashboards has a simple interface that’s easy to use and provides multiple views of the data to provide deeper context.

Cross-channel information
Analytics dashboards gathers data and compiles insights from across channels including web, mobile, streaming and voice.

Real-time access to insights
Real-time access to data lets decision-makers set and change strategy decisions without the delay of back-and-forth conversations with analysts.

Customisable reports
Empower decision-makers without combing through data suites, metrics or dimensions. Analytics dashboards shows only the data that matters to them and they can view it right on their phone.

Same data, different views
Filters provide depth and perspective. Get a high-level overview of multiple datasets or drill down to see how specific data is trending or how it compares to past time periods.


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Set up the dashboard

Watch this two-minute video to see how to create and share scorecards for decision-makers to use.

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Get the insights you want

This tutorial shows how to use the Analytics dashboards in less than two minutes.

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