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Testing and optimisation

Make experimentation and testing quick and easy with the built-in features of Edge Delivery Services. Get fast insights on every page — from simple split testing to full-feature experimentation.

Explore testing and optimisation features.

Instant A/B testing

Instant A/B testing

With Edge Delivery Services’ native experimentation capabilities, marketers can quickly test different versions of pages with randomised, evenly split audiences to identify and deliver the best performing experiences — no other tooling required.

  • Easy set-up. Simplified workflows let marketers set up experiments in minutes, right within their authoring environment, making continuous experimentation effortless.
  • Analytics. Gain insights into experiment results with out-of-the-box reporting to improve page performance. Marketers can easily view traffic, conversion and statistical significance for each variation within the preview environment to inform decision-making.
Full-page experimentation

Full-page experimentation

Get advanced experimentation capabilities with Edge Delivery Services that let you discover deeper insights. Test different content, layouts and components across multiple pages and segments.

  • Segment targeting. Use out-of-the-box tools to run experiences with different audiences, including location, device type and new visitors versus returning visitors.
  • Traffic allocation. Easily define which portion of your traffic receives each variation, whether it is divided evenly or unequally, such as 50-25-25.
Content insights

Content insights

Use web analytics based on built-in real-user monitoring (RUM) to get performance data on every page you author. Make better content decisions with data on total page views, engagement and other related data.

  • Automated analytics chatbot. Easily access data with our automated chatbot, which can quickly share key insights, including top performing pages, conversion funnel and more.
  • Page-level insights. Access data for every page you author to improve specific offers and campaigns.
  • Component-level insights. View granular data at the component level to understand how visitors engage with each element on your page, including headers, CTA buttons, images and more.
Rule-based targeting

Rules-based targeting

Target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on real-time data, like geographic data or visitor behaviour attributes. Then, deliver relevant content to visitor segments using out-of-the-box tools with little or no coding required.

  • Form-based set-up. A simple interface lets you quickly select and activate rules from the largest out-of-the-box rules library. You also can customise an existing rule or create your own from scratch.
  • Customer profile targeting. Create more robust and progressive targeting by uploading customer profile data from Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, your customer relationship management system (CRM) and third-party sources.
  • Geo-targeting. Know the location for each visitor and target content based on local trends, activities or weather.

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