Customer education

Increase the loyalty and lifetime value of each customer by delivering engaging learning experiences powered by AI.

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Informed customers are loyal customers.

Adobe Learning Manager lets you design education programs that quickly onboard new customers and accelerate product adoption. Use deep insights into customer learning patterns to power new, more effective retention marketing campaigns and boost customer satisfaction.

Research by IDC shows informed customers become repeat customers.
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Create an on-brand, self-service portal.

The Learning Manager self-service portal integrates into your brand’s website, giving customers easy access and instant query resolution while reducing company support costs and onboarding time.

  • A unified learning journey fuelled by a single portal with integrations
  • Easy content consumption with Fluidic Player
  • Seamless learning across mobile, web, online and off-line
  • A single destination for all self-paced and instructor-led training
  • Presentation in the language of your choice

Make learning personal and engaging.

Deliver an intuitive and unique learning experience with automated onboarding, individualised dashboards, content recommendations and gamification features.

  • Personalised learner dashboard with guided journeys
  • AI-powered content recommendations
  • Admin-driven content recommendations
  • Gamification and social learning

Get actionable customer insights.

Stay up to date on your customers’ learning interests, maintain content relevancy and encourage proactive learning by tracking customer performance.

  • Track customer engagement and course completion
  • Identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Find potential customer advocates based on learning scores and interests
  • Get insights to guide new marketing campaigns

Learning Technology Use Case: Customer Education

The Brandon Hall Group looks at the complexities of customer education and why it’s so critical.

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Adobe Learning Manager + Adobe Experience Manager.

Adobe Learning Manager takes you in an immersive learning journey with guided learning paths, engagements and recommendations. Adobe Experience Manager Sites allows you to create brand-integrated adaptable content experience across all channels.

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