Integrated B2B functionality

Offer world-class B2B buying experiences with customised catalogues and pricing, personalised experiences and self-service customer portals for easy account management and ordering with Adobe Commerce (Magento)


A new kind of B2B ecommerce platform

B2B ecommerce exists in a perpetual state of rapid evolution and if you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, you need more than a rigid, standardised B2B strategy to keep up. You need a flexible and intelligent B2B ecommerce solution to seize opportunities with up-and-coming channels and business models to meet the high demands of your buyers and AI-powered customisation to engage with new markets on a personal level.

Now you can offer it. Specifically designed for the B2B buyer, Adobe Commerce’s integrated B2B ecommerce platform lets your customers self-manage their company accounts. Through an easy-to-use customer portal, they can set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes and orders, define purchase approval rules and manage their credit online — making day-to-day management tasks fast and efficient for your customers.

The buying experience is personalised with customer-specific catalogues and pricing and targeted content and promotions. Convenience is at the core with quick order forms and the ability to upload lists of SKUs, create saved shopping lists or request quotes any time. Seller assisted shopping takes it a step further, letting you place orders on behalf of customers or troubleshoot issues — making the buying experience frictionless and helping you garner loyalty and sustain business growth.


See what makes it work.

Rich, personalised experiences
Drag-and-drop merchandising tools, customer-specific catalogues and pricing and targeted content and product recommendations make it easy to create personalised experiences without IT help.

Convenient account management
Self-service portals let your customers access invoices, order history and company credit, as well as manage buyers and permissions.

Friction free order
Buyers can quickly place orders by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files or choosing from preset requisition lists, as well as purchase on credit and set approval rules to ensure compliance. Assisted selling enables easy order creation and troubleshooting.

Quote management and price negotiations
Integrated customer quoting and price negotiation capabilities improve conversion. The streamlined quote request workflow can be entirely managed within our solution or though external systems using APIs.

Agility to adapt
A single system lets you manage both B2B and B2C businesses and sell to multiple sites and brands in multiple geographies. You also have the flexibility to sell digital goods, services and subscriptions.

Effortless Integration
Easily extend the platform and integrate with existing business systems using our robust library of APIs and thousands of off-the-shelf extensions including options for punchout purchasing and enterprise marketplaces.

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