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Create and launch new compelling content on your site to deliver best-in-class, personalised shopping experiences without creative limits.

Create richer shopping experiences with Page Builder.

Own your narrative with an easy-to-use online page builder and powerful content creation tools. Create best-in-class shopping experiences without creative limits or the need for developer support. 


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With our tool’s drag-and-drop capabilities, your team can gain control of content management, helping you to deliver a much higher velocity of content updates. Think hourly, daily and weekly, not multiple weeks and months. You can even stay ahead of the game by scheduling and previewing content changes before they launch.


Shoppers expect personalised experiences, so we’ve made it easier than ever to build tailored content with integrated customer segmentation tooling. And to engage your audience even further, easily add relevant and impactful Product Recommendations to your site with the click of a button.


Get a quick overview of Adobe Commerce Page Builder in our brief video.

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B2B and B2C: Experience the hybrid power of Adobe Commerce

Experience our interactive product simulation and learn how we set the standard for hybrid ecommerce.

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Page Builder Features

Easy-to-use interface

Enjoy easy drag-and-drop positioning of all content elements and the ability to edit text inline. With our intuitive interface and content editor, it’s always a breeze to create and launch your content.

Personalize the experience

Target content to customer segments to personalize the experience. Then quickly launch content updates to respond in real time to your customers’ behavior.

Support for all content types

Create more immersive experiences. Our content management tool offers full support of text, images, video, sliders, promotional banners, and more in adjustable page layouts.

Content management

Put your content management and content publishing on autopilot. Our Page Builder lets you schedule, preview, and publish content changes to any time in the future.

In-content editing

Speed up page updates by editing copy and repositioning content elements right inside of Page Builder.

Product Recommendations

Add AI-powered product recommendations to show visitors the right products at the right time.

Key features of the web page builder include: 

Data warehousing management

Easily position and reposition different content elements with the simple drag-and-drop capability. Move around headings, text boxes and videos to create, edit and launch on-brand, on-message content.

Streamline your content management by scheduling updates for specific times. Avoid publishing errors or incomplete pages with the ability to preview updates or new content before it goes live.

Respond to changing customer behaviour in real-time, with in-content editing for fast page updates. Reposition elements within the online page builder and launch new content for rapid changes.

Our web page builder supports many types of content and page layouts, whether you want to include text, videos, images, sliders, maps, banners or more.

Extend existing content types and create new ones, edit page layouts and do more with your web page builder to create an engaging experience with advanced content tools.

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Launch more compelling content, faster

Learn how easy it is to create and launch new content that delivers more compelling experiences every time.

Data warehousing management

Data warehousing management

Boost conversion rates

Download our guide to learn ten tips that can help you increase your conversion rates.

Page builder FAQs 

How does a web page builder work?

Web page builders are designed to be easy-to-use. So you can create, edit and publish content on your site with no technical knowledge. Choose a page layout or template that suits the shopping experience of your site. Then drag and drop to add, remove and reposition content elements (such as video, images and text) that match your branding to customise your site before publishing.

Page builder FAQs
Web page builder.

Do I need experience to use a web page builder?

No, Page Builder is designed for anyone to use with no need for technical or coding knowledge or experience. The drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to start creating and editing pages. Most online page builders also include a tutorial to help you to get to grips with them first.  


You can also schedule a demo to try out Page Builder as part of the full experience of Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento.

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Benefits of Web Page Builder technology.

Our online page builder is built on Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento. Here are some key benefits:  

• Save time and resources
• Engage shoppers with fresh, rich content
• Take content of your brand
• Make Page Builder your own


Learn more about each of these benefits…  

Save time and resources

Reduce the time needed to manage site content with in-line editing, reusable dynamic blocks and the ability to save pages and content layouts as templates to reuse across multiple sites. Design content updates, preview them live and schedule publication without relying on other teams. Web page builder allows developers to focus their efforts on building unique shopping experiences that differentiate your brand.

Engage shoppers with fresh, rich content

Create pages that engage shoppers with powerful content types - including images, videos and banners. Encourage repeat visits by keeping content fresh and up to date, with an intuitive drag-and-drop content management interface. Blend content and commerce by enriching product detail pages, quickly adding products to content pages and improving product discovery with customised content on category pages.

Take control over your brand

Marketers control how their content pages are laid out and have the ability to create without involving front-end developers. Design pages how you want with flexible content layouts then add and position elements with no code required.

Make Page Builder your own

Customise Page Builder to create page designs that match your brand voice. Extend existing content types or create new ones from scratch to meet the content needs of your business.

Let's talk about what Adobe Commerce can do for your business.